How to set up Traffic Cop with these easy steps

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Last updated: October 31, 2022 | by Kean Graham
How to set up Traffic Cop with these easy steps

This post was most recently updated on October 31st, 2022

Traffic Cop is MonetizeMore’s proprietary bot-traffic detection and suppression tool. It gives publishers more control over their traffic quality and has both measurement and blocking capabilities. Traffic Cop protects a publisher’s credibility and revenues by suppressing ads if a visitor is deemed suspicious. A CAPTCHA will popup that the suspicious user or bot needs to solve to prove they are human before they can proceed. Only then is ad serving resumed.

How to set up Traffic Cop with these easy steps MonitizeMore

Long-term, this would significantly increase your RPMs. High paying advertisers prefer websites with clean, legitimate traffic that is only seen by humans. Traffic quality is one of the most important metrics they look at when deciding whether to bid on a particular domain. With high traffic quality from blocking bot traffic, you’ll attract more high paying advertisers to bid on your ad inventory, make PMP deals or request to buy directly on your site. Keep in mind; this is a long-term strategy because advertisers need to see a history of high-quality traffic.

If you sign up as a publisher with MonetizeMore, we run Traffic Cop on 1% of your traffic by default at NO COST. This is set to ‘measure’ only. If your traffic is determined to have high levels of invalid traffic, then we can help you block invalid traffic through Traffic Cop’s paid solutions.

How does Traffic Cop detect invalid or fraudulent traffic? There are three layers of testing

  1. Obvious information (e.g. bad User Agent, Tor exit node)
  2. User’s past behavior that turns out to be suspicious
  3. Fingerprinting current user’s behavior on-page via machine learning technology

*Above information is limited on-purpose to prevent cybercriminals from tricking/circumventing the system.

Reporting Access

How to set up Traffic Cop with these easy steps MonitizeMore

Every publisher running Traffic Cop will have access to a dashboard where daily statistics can be monitored. It provides insights on the overall quality of traffic your site is getting.

How to set up Traffic Cop with these easy steps MonitizeMore

During onboarding, the functionality depends on what you choose:

(1) Detection only – Only measures your traffic quality and provides a graph and table like you see above.

(2) Detection + Blocking – Will measure traffic quality and block Invalid traffic.


Publishers running PubGuru Header Bidding

If you are running MonetizeMore’s PubGuru Header Bidding, no changes are necessary for your source code. Your Ad Ops expert will activate it for you from the backend and provide you access to your Traffic Cop dashboard.

Publishers running Google Ad Manager tags on page

For the Header tag, using this template:, you’ll only need to replace these placeholders for your (1) Network ID, (2) Ad Unit Code, (3) Ad Unit size/s:

How to set up Traffic Cop with these easy steps MonitizeMore

Next, make sure the div IDs for google.defineSlot matches the corresponding google.display

How to set up Traffic Cop with these easy steps MonitizeMore

Lastly, add this snippet of code:

<script src=”//” type=”text/javascript”></script>

For the Body tags, you’ll only deploy the Div IDs of the ad units depending on where they’re supposed to show up. Check to make sure each div matches the ones in your header tag as well.

How to set up Traffic Cop with these easy steps MonitizeMore

This template was created for 5 ad units on page. In case you use less than 5, feel free to remove or delete the irrelevant placeholders. If you use more than 5,  add more google.defineSlot & google.display & Div ID  as needed. Remember not to use the same Div ID more than once within the same page. Every Div ID must be unique (Pro Tip: just change the last number).

Publishers running Ad Exchange or AdSense tags on page

Using the template below, replace the placeholders for (1) Ad Unit name, (2) width, (3) height, (4) pub ID and (5) data ad slot for every single ad unit you’re running:

<ins class=”adsbygoogle”
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

You’ll then deploy this snippet of code before the closing </body>:
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”//” async></script>

If you are running PubGuru DataGuard (our GDPR consent solution), or running any other custom codes, you might need custom implementation which our team will be able to assist you with.


As you can see, high-quality traffic that is free of bots not only attracts high paying advertisers but helps protect your ad accounts and business. Don’t risk losing your ad accounts due to invalid traffic and ad fraud! Sign up for Traffic Cop today!

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