How To Implement Header Bidding Using Advanced Ads Plugin In WordPress

How To Implement Header Bidding Using Advanced Ads Plugin In WordPress

When implementing Header Bidding, you would normally have two sets of tags to deploy: the header tag that goes into the <head> </head> section, and the body tags that should go within the <body> </body> targeted where the ad should show.

Using Advanced Ads plugin on WordPress, here’s a step by step guide on how to quickly deploy your tags:

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Header Tag

Step 1: Go to Advanced Ads > Ads

Step 2: Give it a name and choose the Ad Type.

Step 3: Deploy the ad code under ‘Ad Parameters’

header training

Step 4: Set Display Conditions & Visitor Conditions as necessary (optional)

Display conditions

Step 5: Click ‘Update’


Step 6: Choose the ‘Header Code’ Placement.

Choose header code

Body Tags

Step 1: Go to Advanced Ads > Groups & Rotation.

Step 2: Click ‘Add New Ad Group’

Step 3: Give it a name (e.g., Body Tags Group)

Step 4: Click save

body tags group

Step 5: Go to Advanced Ads > Ads

Step 6: Give it a name, choose Ad Type.

Step 7: Paste the Ad Code under Ad Parameters

ad code

Step 8: Set the position (optional)

select location

Step 9: Set Display Conditions & Visitor Conditions as necessary (optional)

display conditions

Step 10: Select the Group created

ad groups and rotations

Step 11: Click Update


Step 12: Select the spot where you want the ad to show.

ad location

Step 13: Repeat steps 5-12 above for the rest of your ad codes.

Step 14: Go back to Groups & Rotation

Step 15: Edit the Body Tags Group you created

Step 16: Select Ordered Ads

body tags group

Step 17: Specify the maximum number of ads you run per page

visible ads

Step 18: Put the same weight across all the ads if you’d like them all to serve altogether at the same time

ad size

To learn more information on Ad Weights, check out

Step 19: Test to see if your ads are loading fine!

Repeating the ad

This feature allows you to inject the ad repeatedly.

ad injection

For example, you’d like it to show after every 3 paragraphs as users scroll down (usually the case in Lazy Loading), you can edit the Placement and set:

Step 1: Go to Advanced Ads > Placements

Step 2: Create a new Placement or edit the pre-existing one.

Step 3: Double-check the ‘Item’ that you have the correct Ad selected.

Step 4: Set Position settings

ad position

Step 5: Click ‘Save Placements’

Custom position

This feature allows you to choose elements on a page where to inject the ad.

custom position

Step 1: Under Advanced Ads > Placements, create new or edit the pre-existing one that’s set as Custom Position.

Step 2: The ‘Item’ field should contain the ad you’d like to setup

Step 3: You can either enter the element manually or click ‘select position,’ which would open the webpage and allow you to hover your mouse to the exact spot to select an element.

select position

Step 4: Select the exact position:

select position

Step 5: Click ‘Save Placements’


As you can see, it’s not that complicated to implement header bidding using Advanced Ads. However, we understand that not everyone has the time to implement or set up header bidding on their own and might need help. In that case, MonetizeMore is here for you! We can help you get started with header bidding through our proprietary PubGuru Header Bidding technology! Sign up to MonetizeMore today!

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