How to get free content and use it to grow your website traffic

November 20, 2020 | by Kean Graham
How to get free content and use it to grow your website traffic

Content is the lifeblood of every online publishing business. Whether you focus mostly on organic search engine traffic or generate traffic through social media, email newsletters, audience development, or other sources, it remains critical to your success.

If more content creates more website traffic (obviously depending on the type of content you create, SEO factors, etc.), why not simply publish thousands of pages of new content every month?

Premium publishers and news agencies all have dedicated journalists & content specialists continually writing new articles, but creating quality content takes time and can cost a lot of money. No matter how much traffic you are generating, getting free quality content will benefit your business.

The method you can use to get free content for your sites is guest posting.

If set up and managed correctly, you can have an almost unlimited source of free quality content to publish on your site.

Why would someone give you free content?

The process of being featured on an external website is merely another form of advertising. Whether guest posting is against Google’s terms of services and whether it’s a good move for SEO is up to you to decide.

With this method, a person writes a guest post for your website, and you give them a link in return to thank them for their effort. Potentially the article they wrote drives traffic to your website and additional leads to their site.

You get free quality content to publish on your site. Their brand/product/website/service gains free exposure, and they potentially receive additional SEO benefits.

How to get started

The easiest way to get started would be to create a guest post page on your website. On that page, you’ll lay out the conditions for publishing content on your site.

-How many links do you allow on each article?

-What length should the content be (the more, the better)?

-Should people contact you with topic ideas, or will you provide topic ideas?

-How can people get in touch with you?

-What type of content are you not interested in?

Requirements might differ for each publisher, but the list above will help you get started.

Factors critical to your success

Remember, the goal is to help you get high-quality content for free. The idea is to help save you time and money and generate more website traffic.

If you end up getting tons of guest post requests and need to spend hours editing content, it’s not worth your time.

You need to have a system in place that enables you to spend as little time managing guest post requests, editing, publishing, and promoting content.

Be specific about the type of content, structure, and layout. The better and more detailed your instructions are, the less time wasted.

Keep in mind: In some complicated niches, it’s challenging to find people that can create high-quality content for your website. In such situations, you might be better off reaching out directly to websites in your niche, asking them if they want to get featured on your website for free.

Also, make sure you are not publishing multiple articles on similar topics.

If you seem to be struggling with getting guest posters to write about the topics you want, start recommending topics for them to cover.

Technical aspects to consider

Here are a few technical aspects to consider when accepting and publishing guest posts on your sites.

Should you allow dofollow links?

-Yes, nofollow links do not provide SEO link power and probably won’t get someone interested in guest posting on your site.

-On rare occasions, people will accept nofollow links, but your site needs to have powerful metrics.

Should you charge money for guest posts?

-This is up to you. It’s a grey area in terms of what Google deems acceptable for SEO standards. Still, you’ll be surprised how many sites charge money to get featured on websites.

-If it’s a sponsored post, then it might be something different, and you can consider accepting payment.

-However, the whole idea of this method is to get high-quality content for free. I would suggest that you instead focus on getting free quality content and not charge money for it.

What’s next?

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