How do I attract ads to my blog? [5 hot tips]

Last updated: January 18, 2023 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on January 18th, 2023

Do you have a blog but no ad revenue? You’re not alone! Thousands of bloggers are in the same boat, but there are ways to change that. In this post, we’ll go over some methods to attract ads to your blog and start generating some income. Keep reading to get started!

Whether you’re just starting out online or you’re looking for ways to get that ad revenue rollin’, you must be thinking of accepting ads from brands on your website.

So what’s the 411 on attracting ads to your site?

For brands or advertisers to be interested in advertising on your site, you need a great niche market, loads of real human traffic, and profitable ad placement.

Nonetheless, if none of this is ready yet, there are still some loopholes that can get you to make money from ads on your site.

Here’s the game plan to attract ads to your blog:

1. Google AdSense Targeted advertising


With Google’s AdSense program you can place targeted text or display ads from Google on your web pages and make AdSense money.

Those rectangular boxed ads on the side or across the site marked with the words “Ads by Google” are how you can distinguish Google AdSense ads.

Brands that use Google’s pay-per-click program i.e Adwords, pay for these ads. Google AdSense ads reflect the content on your website, so if your site sells clothing the AdSense ads appearing on your web pages will be based on the ‘Fashion’ niche.

As an AdSense publisher, you get paid each time a visitor clicks on one of the AdWord ads on your website.

It can be a good source of extra income if you receive a lot of targeted traffic and if the visitors are interested in the brands or products/services being advertised on your blog.

Google AdSense is free and easy to use as Google does all the heavy lifting when it comes to finding the right ads for your site’s target market.

Always test out the Google ads on your site once you add them to see if they are working or not and avoid losing credibility.

2. Affiliate marketing | Promoting affiliate products


Affiliate programs are one of the easiest ways to get started with internet marketing. Although affiliate links aren’t technically advertisements, they allow you to make money by promoting products, services, etc.

You earn a commission each time someone you refer makes a purchase.  Try encouraging sales by posting a banner on your site linking to the affiliate site or publishing a mini blog post about the affiliate’s product.

Different affiliate programs offer different payout options. The payout depends on the affiliate program you choose initially. Payouts range from 10-50% commission for each sale.

Dig deep into these directories and pick the affiliate program that suits you:

Some internet marketing professionals & digital influencers make all of their income by signing up with all kinds of affiliate programs online.

How do I attract ads to my blog? [5 hot tips] MonitizeMore

3. The Direct Approach


Consider finding sites that offer complementary products and target the same niche market as your own if you have a site that receives a lot of traffic already.

Let’s say, your website is about gardening. You could approach a business that sells plants & pots to advertise on your blog. Such ads will be seen as lowkey recommendations of their stuff & it could send a lot of plant moms to their website.

If your ads are successful, you will be able to charge more for them, so be sure to contact potential internet advertising partners in an appropriate way.

It is important to provide them with information about your business and your site traffic. They will be more likely to consider your offer if you can provide them with more information.

Above all else, make sure they have a solid reputation. If you partner with a questionable company, their conduct could negatively reflect on your blog.

4. Signing up for blog-specific ad programs

Signing up to display blog niche ads on your website is also a good idea.

In order to make your ads effective, you need to think about the kinds of ads your target audience is likely to convert to.


Follow these tips to attract advertisers:

  • Sign up for Google’s AdSense program so you can place ads on your site as soon as you are approved. Crisp Ads is similar to AdSense but works for bloggers only (Sorry Youtubers!).
  • Placing Amazon Associates ads on your site. Ads for Amazon products that you love to use or promote will be featured in this case.
  • Provide a ‘Contact me to advertise on my blog ’ link to your website that advertisers can use to inquire about your commission rates & requirements. A call to action link is the gateway to getting advertising opportunities.
  • Get listed in an advertiser-publisher connection program such as BlogAds if you are getting tens of thousands of visitors on a daily basis.

5. Professional theme

Advertisers are always drawn to blogs with an aesthetic or professional layout.

Always go for professional-looking themes. White, gray, or bluish themes always add that X factor to blogs. Colors can be played with depending on the niche.

The placement of an ad in a prominent place is also important to stand out to advertisers. In a nutshell, getting advertisers directly is way more lucrative in terms of ad revenue.

How do I attract ads to my blog? [5 hot tips] MonitizeMore



It takes a lot of research and testing to make internet advertising strategies truly pay off on even an already established site–it’s not as simple as putting up a few ads and getting paid.

There may still be audiences who are averse to ads. Overdoing the ads set up on your pages can make people turn away from your pages, meaning you could end up losing leads & ad revenue than you gain.

To avoid such disasters, you need to A/B test all aspects of any ad campaign that you plan to run. Then, you can try advertising other products once you discover what works best for your site.

With all these additional revenue streams, you’ll soon see your profits pumped up. Want us to do the heavy lifting for you? Contact us today and let’s sort it out.

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