The Ad Tech Guide to Dmexco 2017

Last updated: July 25, 2019 | by Kean Graham
The Ad Tech Guide to Dmexco 2017

This post was most recently updated on July 25th, 2019

dmexco: 115 seminars, 7 seminar rooms, conference halls, startup alleys and 1 giant event.

The 2017 Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference is a two-day jam-packed event that brings together all the thought leaders in the ad tech and digital marketing industries. It will be held this week in Cologne Germany on the 13th and 14th of September.

The Ad Tech Guide to Dmexco 2017 MonitizeMoredmexco has established itself as one of the largest ad tech events on the calendar where publishers and advertisers can take advantage of this curated exchange of ideas. This year’s theme is “The Global Business and Innovation Platform.” #dmexco

Though combining the massive size of the conference with a broader selection of topics, it can be easy to get overloaded by the event. We put together a curated guide for the ad tech group of the best talks on programmatic, header bidding, user experience, and more.

Trends and Tips from Global Movers and Shakers

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer of Procter and Gamble, will fill up the Congress Hall on the first day with his talk on “A Transformational Roadmap for Brand Building.” With P&G’s stellar annual portfolio of over $65 billion sales, Pritchard’s tips, strategies, and insights are truly a force to be reckoned with. (18:05-18:30 Congress Hall).

Programmatic Trends, Balancing User Experience, and Engaging Ad Formats

The fusion of technological advancements in the programmatic space.

Balancing User Experience and Advertising Revenues

Liran Singer of Fortvision will give the lowdown on their best practices for ramping up ad revenue without making it intrusive for your audience. In the Startup Hall at 10:00-10:10 on 09/13,

Who is the Fairest One of All? The Future of the Digital Advertising Value Chain

Join executives from Google, AppNexus, Stroer, OAuth, and Media Impact to talk about the future of digital advertising and how both sides of the table can tackle concerns around transparency, brand safety, etc. (10:00-10:35, Debate Hall, 09/13)

Viewability, Ad Fraud, Brand Safety: Unveiling the Core Impact of Media Quality

Integral Ad Science’s Oliver Hulse will provide insight on our search for a fixed viewability target, as the advertising space has continued to flounder when it comes to media quality. Highlighting that brands are commanding guaranteed viewability targets. (11:00-11:45, Hall 5.1, 09/13)

The Evolving Landscape of Programmatic Video Exchanges

Madrive Digital CEO Prof. Idan Miller (10:30-10:40, Startup Village 1, 09/14) demystifies challenges and technologies in programmatic video, another lucrative source of revenue for ad publishers worldwide.

The Next Step of Programmatic by Nuviad

Nuviad’s VP for Clients, Doron Gez, (14:30-14:40, Startup Village 1, 09/14) presents the concept for their OpenRTB solution which allows direct connections of the bidders as an ad campaign.

Policies and Regulations

Part of what keeps the whole digital marketing ecosystem organized is the set of policies and regulations that keep up with the demands of new technology and changing consumer viewing habits.

GDPR and Data Management Platforms (DMP)

Paulo Cunha, CEO of ShiftForward (15:15-15:25, Startup Village 1, 09/13), will talk about the implications of 2018’s new general data protection policies in Europe. He will cover topics like cookies, cross-device data collection, and foolproof privacy policies.

Website Optimization

Website optimization seminars can help augment the potential income generation of publishers for their ads. Here are some of the talks to look out for in this area.

Domraider’s Dropcatching Technique for Traffic

Some hardcore SEO strategies for website optimization can be expected as well. A real case study on domain names that have expired will be presented by Damien Henriques, DMO of Domraider at 10:15-10:25 on the first day.

Improve Website Speed with Three Lines of Code

Baqend GmbH CEO Felix Gessert (15:30-15:40, 09/13) will demonstrate the three-line coding power of Baqend’s Speed Kit which makes websites two to three times faster. He will also capitalize on the monetary gains when publishers make their websites load faster.

People-Oriented and Data-Drive Influencer Marketing

Reachbird AG’s CEO Philipp Martin (11:45-11:55, 09/14) helps startups and websites make use of influencer campaigns. He will discuss strategies on using data from sites to tap or determine the ideal influencer for any target market. This will serve to optimize the content and campaigns to be used for your website’s most loyal following with the help of influencers for any given budget.

Website Personalization

Laetitia Comes-Bancaud, the Early Birds co-founder, discusses their user experience improvement hacks through their personalization platform. It can optimize websites to get more revenue with a better and personalized experience for visitors.

Sessions are a mix of English and German.

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