#AdsenseWednesdays: Googles Matches Native Ads with “Matched Content”

We’ve seen native ads make the rounds in the advertising scene because of their intelligent targeting and contextually-relevant ads. Publishers have seen their business grow because of top-performing native ads coming from premium ad networks.

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Do you think Google will stay behind? Of course not! Please welcome: Matched Content.

Google Matched Content

This feature allows publishers to encourage visitors to visit other pages on their site by offering contextually-relevant article recommendations. This is meant to make users stay longer on your site, as well as increase engagement overall.

This then translates to more pageviews and impressions. That means higher earnings for you, as a publisher!

Matched Content as a new revenue stream isn’t yet available for all but is being offered for high-traffic sites with multiple pages. If you want to know if you’re eligible as a publisher for Matched Content, check out your site management settings in your Adsense account.

Don’t forget to check the best practices in using Matched Content

  • Works best for long, in-depth article pages that contain an associated image
  • Place your matched content unit directly below the article (below the fold) and either above or below your ad unit
  • Help Google find better articles to recommend by adding a unique image per article; or by
  • Using identifiers like the Opengraph protocol
  • Check out more relevant tags from Google’s Snippet Tool Page

Matched Content Ads are fairly new but they surely look promising. With the advent of native advertising and the challenge of monetizing display ads, this new offering from Adsense is definitely worth a try. As a publisher, the key is to grow your content-base and meet the traffic volume criteria. Read Infographic: 4 factors for Long-term Site Traffic and Revenue

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  1. Sam


    Have you seen the new “enable native” option that shows while creating new ad unit in adsense account?
    A friend told me this option is there is his adsense account but ti not in my account?

    • Kean Graham

      Hi Sam,

      Yes, it’s only available to select publishers at the moment.

      • Sam

        Do you mean those are premium publishers who have that enabled?
        Does it increases the CTR and CPC of ad?

  2. Sam

    I think you misunderstood my query.
    I asked about “enable native” option account but you replied about “matched content” feature?

    • Kean Graham

      You can’t ‘enable’ that option because Adsense selects which publishers it will be available to.

  3. Vijay saklani

    Can I use the adsense and Native ads together?

  4. Kelly

    Thanks for the article. I am going to give the matched content a try!!

  5. Shiv

    Thanks for this useful article. How we can serve match content from DFP account?

  6. thiganss

    Great introduce about match content ads. This will make my website look more interesting.


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