Google Exchange Bidding (EBDA) Available To All DFP Publishers

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Last updated: May 6, 2020 | by Kean Graham
Google Exchange bidding EBDA

This post was most recently updated on May 6th, 2020

Find out how Google’s header bidding alternative called Exchange Bidding or EBDA (Exchange Bidding Dynamic Allocation) has been made available to all publishers using DFP in April 2018. We quickly discuss the benefits of this product and why, although it’s a great addition to the Google DoubleClick product offerings, it’s still not better than traditional header bidding wrappers such as MonetizeMore’s PubGuru.

Find out more about EBDA here:

Watch the short video below to get all the details.

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Video transcription

Google’s response to header bidding called Exchange Bidding will be opened to all publishers that use DFP in April 2018.

Along with the release, new ad formats will also be tested such as video and programmatic buying transaction types.

The platform allows multiple exchanges to compete for ad placement and increase publisher ad revenue.

Multiple ad partners get to bid on ad placements simultaneously.

Exchange bidding uses a server-to-server connection to connect to exchanges rather than via header bidding code on the publisher’s website.

Server-to-server implementation improves page loading and requires no complicated setup.

According to Google, some publishers have seen double-digit percentage increases in revenue using Exchange Bidding.

Advanced reporting features have also been released.

Publishers can now see each Exchange Bidding partner’s performance and experience a more straightforward billing process.

Publishers can generate reports on the following:

Demand channels

Exchange partners

Advertisers on an impression basis

Currently, there are ten exchange partners available through Exchange Bidding.

These include: AerServ, Index Exchange, OpenX, TripleLift, Smaato & more.

Desktop and mobile traffic (including mobile apps for Android and iOS) are accepted.


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