Google AMP Project Launch: What’s in it for Publishers?

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Last updated: August 29, 2019 | by Kean Graham
Google AMP Project Launch

This post was most recently updated on August 29th, 2019

Starting February 24, Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), an open platform project, will be rolled out in Google Search mobile results. Google AMP was created to address the growing trend of mobile browsing. Its goal is to deliver a better, faster, and safer mobile experience for users.

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Last week, Google hosted a hangout with Craig DiNatali (@craigdinatali), director of partnerships, to discuss what’s in it for online publishers when it comes to AMP and Ads.

During the hangout, DiNatali listed down the core functions for ad serving that are already available for Google AMP:

  • Integration with existing trafficking workflows
  • Support for most common ad formats:
    • Standard banner ads
    • HTML5 ads
    • Native ads
    • Ads that resize on user interaction
  • No ad density limit
  • DFP features such as frequency capping, targeting, non-guaranteed ad roadblocks, competitive separation, etc.
  • Viewability and measurement support
  • Optimized loading of ads and lower latency delivery specifically designed for ads served via DFP
  • Integration with third-party providers.

Because it’s an open-sourced project, DiNatali expects that during the second quarter of the year, there will crop up innovations from those who participate in AMP: “Innovation (not just new ad form) is also creating better technology to deliver the ads to the publisher side.”

He also did a comparison of the features of Google AMP as opposed to other distribution platforms:

Google AMP Project Launch: What’s in it for Publishers? MonitizeMore

During the Q&A portion, DiNatali was asked about header bidding implementation and he said that a solution is to let the script run pass through an iframe which is the same function as passing a value. However, the risks of doing so are latency and decreased viewability.

What do you think of Google AMP?

Google AMP Project Launch: What’s in it for Publishers? MonitizeMore

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