Google Ad Manager Integration with Advanced Ads – Ad Implementation Made Easier

Google Ad Manager Integration with Advanced Ads – Ad Implementation Made Easier

Ad implementation in WordPress is now made super simple with the use of Advanced Ads. It is a plugin with a powerful feature that allows publishers to connect to Google Ad Manager and automatically pull the ad inventory information. You don’t have to worry about generating codes anymore because it does the job for you. With a few clicks, your ad is live on the site! It saves you time and eliminates a lot of error-prone steps.

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We tried it, and it took us 10 seconds to deploy an ad. It is so efficient that you’d only wish you’ve known about it before!

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Install the Advanced Ads plugin Google Ad Manager addon by visiting this link.

Step 2: Activate the plugin. When it shows ‘Deactivate,’ that means it’s active, and that’s what you’d want to see.


Step 3: Click on Advanced Ads > Settings


Step 4: Go to the Google Ad Manager tab and click ‘Connect Account’ button


Step 5: Sign in with your Google Ad Manager username and password

Step 6: Click ‘Allow’ on the popup

grant advanced ads permission

Step 7: Copy the verification code

copy code

Step 8: Paste the code in the Advanced Ads settings and submit

code to paste

This completes the integration between Advanced Ads and your Google Ad Manager account. To deploy ads, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Select ‘Ads’ in the Advanced Ads menu

WordPress select ads

Step 2: Create a new ad

create new ad

Step 3: Give it a name

name ad

Step 4: Choose Google Ad Manager for the Ad Type

Choose Google Ad Manager as ad type

Step 5: You will then see the list of Ad Units configured in your Google Ad Manager account

GAM ad units

Step 6: Select the ad you’d like to set up and continue to the next page

Step 7: Setup display or visitor conditions as necessary. This gives you the option to restrict the people that can view the ad, or target specific pages, etc.

display and visitor conditions

Step 8: Select the placement where you want the ad to appear

choose ad location

Step 9: Your ad is now ready. Go to your site and see it in action.


You can say goodbye to the daunting task of dealing with codes every time you implement ads! Using Advanced Ads allows you to focus on things that matter most.

This entire process is so seamless that all you need to worry about is implementing your ad optimization strategies in Google Ad Manager, target your ad units accordingly, and grow your ad revenues.

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