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Last updated: August 22, 2019 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on August 22nd, 2019

Good news for publishers! The DFP Deals interface is now on mobile, so publishers now have the ability to negotiate deals on the go. Previously, you could make do with the main DFP interface on a mobile phone to negotiate the fixed-price of an ad on Ad Exchange. However, the net result was never ideal and took much longer than the DFP mobile page currently takes.

When negotiating a fixed-price on a mobile phone, publishers will use ‘First Preferred Deal.’ What’s this? First Preferred Deal was launched in 2012 in order to allow individual buyers and sellers to negotiate fixed-price, first-look deals, with one another. Since its launch, the number of Preferred Deals has more-than doubled, and the number of Preferred Deal impressions grew by 2.5X. Negotiating a Preferred Deal is an excellent way to get higher returns on the ads you run on your website, so its mobile launch is a very big deal for Ad Exchange publishers.

First, you’ll have to sign into the ‘Deals’ interface on your phone or tablet. The mobile site will load automatically, so be sure to bookmark this link. From there, buyers and sellers can view, edit, accept or stop existing deal negotiations.

Negotiate a new Preferred Deal offer

So how do you negotiate a new preferred deal offer on the new mobile deals interface?

First, log onto the main menu of the Deals interface. From the main menu page, tap “Direct” or “Open” to view your offers. You can change the CPM offer or add a comment by tapping “Negotiate” then tap “Propose changes”. If you find ad buyer’s terms acceptable, you can accept the terms of the offer by scrolling to the bottom of the mobile page and tapping “Accept”

Respond to negotiations or finalize a deal

You can respond to a negotiation by tapping “Awaiting review” from the main menu and selecting the negotiation you would like to respond to. You can change your comments or the offered CPM before the buyer responds by tapping “Waiting for response” on the main menu. Then tap “Negotiate”, followed by “Propose changes”

When you are ready to finalize a deal, tap “Finalize”.

Stop an active Private Auction

If you would not like to continue an active private auction, go to the main menu and tap “Sent” under “Private Actions. Then, tap the name of the Private Auction you’d like to stop. Tap “Stop deal” to stop the auction, or tap “Resume” to restart the auction. You should do this if you’d like to reconsider your auction terms or negotiate a private deal instead of running an Ad Exchange auction.

DFP’s Ad Exchange has become much more useful with the introduction of mobile. Now, publishers are able to be much more responsive to their ad sales in DFP in order to earn the best eCPMs they can. If you carry a mobile device and run Ad Exchange ads, we strongly suggest that you try the mobile interface.

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