DFP Cheat Sheet for Beginners: Generating DFP Tags

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Step 3: Generating DFP Ad Tags

A tag contains several lines of javascript that need to be pasted into your page’s HTML source code in order to serve ads. This is an essential requirement for your ads to be served on your sites, so you’ll want to make sure you have this step-down pat.

Here’s how

1) Go the ‘Inventory’ tab

2) On the left-hand panel, click ‘Generate Tags’

3) Search for ad units one page at a time by using keywords — this is one reason it’s important to be very descriptive when giving your ad units a name, so you can group your tags in the future and generate all of the related tags in one go (such as all “Homepage” tags, or all “Sports section” tags).

4) Select the Ad Units you wish to include by clicking ‘Add’. Selected items will appear on the right. 5) Click ‘Generate tags’

dfp steps generate tags

6) Uncheck ‘Enable Single Request’

7) Uncheck and re-check ‘Enable Sync Request’. This is a DFP glitch. It renders asynchronous tag even if this option is ticked by default. A page refresh will be necessary.

8) Copy the header tag and implement on your site.

9) Copy the body tag and implement each based on the location where you want the ads to show up.

dfp generated tags

You can generate other tags for other sections of your site by clicking ‘Cancel’ and resetting the selected items. Just repeat the steps for each section of your website as needed.

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