How to Calculate True CPMs

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Last updated: October 13, 2023 | by Aleesha Jacob
How to Calculate True CPMs

This post was most recently updated on October 13th, 2023

Understanding Cost per Mille (CPM) is fundamental for businesses and advertisers aiming to gauge the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. However, the commonly cited CPM may not always give an accurate picture of your advertising efficiency. This is where the concept of ‘True CPM’ comes into play.

What is True CPM?

True CPM represents the genuine cost of every 1000 impressions, factoring in all the hidden costs and variables that are often overlooked in standard CPM calculations. It provides businesses with a more comprehensive view of their advertising expenses.

Factors Influencing True CPM

True CPM is a nuanced metric that considers the real cost per thousand impressions. It’s essential to understand that several factors can influence True CPM. These factors can either raise or lower the cost, depending on specific circumstances and market dynamics. Here’s a breakdown:

1. Ad Quality and Relevance

The quality and relevance of an advertisement play a pivotal role in its performance. High-quality ads tailored to the target audience can result in a better engagement rate, possibly leading to a more favorable CPM.

2. Audience Targeting Precision

How accurately you’re targeting your desired audience can significantly influence True CPM. Campaigns targeting a broad audience might have a lower CPM compared to those targeting a niche or highly specific group.

3. Market Demand and Competition

In advertising platforms that operate on a bidding system, the more advertisers bidding for a specific audience or keyword, the higher the CPM might be. Seasonal campaigns, like those during holidays, might also see heightened competition and increased CPMs.

4. Ad Placement and Format

Where the ad is placed (e.g., homepage vs. inner page) and its format (e.g., video vs. banner) can influence its visibility and engagement, thus affecting the CPM. For instance, video ads often have a higher CPM than banner ads due to their immersive nature.

5. Platform Specifics

Different platforms (Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn) might offer varying CPMs due to their user demographics, behavior patterns, and ad delivery algorithms. An ad that’s more suited to a platform’s audience will generally have a more favorable CPM.

6. Geographic Targeting

Ads targeted at audiences in regions with high purchasing power or developed digital markets might have a higher CPM. Conversely, targeting emerging markets might result in a lower CPM.

7. Time of Day and Day of the Week

The time when the ad is displayed can affect its engagement rate. For instance, ads displayed during peak hours or on specific days might attract more attention, influencing the CPM.

8. Ad Content and Creative Strategy

Ads with compelling content, high-quality graphics, and a clear call-to-action can garner more interactions, potentially leading to a better CPM. The emotional appeal of the ad can also play a role.

9. Device and User Experience

Ads optimized for mobile might have a different CPM compared to those tailored for desktop. Also, ads that offer a seamless user experience, without causing page lag or being intrusive, tend to be better received.

10. Historical Performance

Some platforms consider the historical performance of an advertiser or a specific ad campaign when determining CPM. Consistently high-performing ads might benefit from more favorable CPMs in the future.

The Importance of Calculating True CPM

Ensuring that you’re paying a reasonable price for your advertisements is crucial. By understanding your True CPM, you can:

  1. Optimize Your Budget: Recognize where you might be overspending and where you can allocate resources more effectively.
  2. Improve ROI: Determine the actual return on your advertising investment.
  3. Enhance Ad Efficiency: Modify or discard strategies that are not yielding a good value for the money.

How to Calculate True CPM

Here’s a step-by-step process to determine the True CPM of your advertising campaigns:

Step 1: Identify All Costs

It’s not just about the direct costs. Factor in indirect costs such as creative and production expenses, agency fees, and any other overhead.

Step 2: Determine the Total Number of Impressions

This involves counting every time an ad is fetched, regardless of whether it is clicked or viewed.

Step 3: Apply the True CPM Formula

Once you have the total costs and total impressions, apply the formula:

True CPM=(Total Costs/Total Impressions)×1000 

Strategies to Optimize True CPM

How to Calculate True CPMs MonitizeMore

Dive Deep into Data Analytics

Data analytics tools can provide insights into which ads are performing best, enabling you to allocate your budget effectively.

Test Ad Variations

Experiment with different ad types, designs, and placements. Monitor their performance to identify which variants offer the best value for money.

Collaborate with Trusted Partners

Work with trustworthy publishers and agencies. Ensure transparency to avoid hidden costs that can inflate your True CPM.

In Conclusion

Understanding and optimizing True CPM can significantly impact the success of your advertising campaigns. By incorporating all costs and being aware of the actual value you’re getting from your ad impressions, you can make more informed decisions, streamline your strategies, and achieve a better return on your advertising investment.

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