By switching app monetization platforms, these apps grew their ad revenue by 4X

Last updated: March 6, 2023 | by Aleesha Jacob

This post was most recently updated on March 6th, 2023

Do you ever stop and think about how all those apps on your phone make money? No, me neither. But apparently, it is set to grow to a 50 billion dollar industry in the app monetization platforms category. In this case study, we’ll take a look at how two popular apps make their cash, and see if we can glean any tips for monetizing our own app. Spoiler alert: it’s not as easy as just putting ads in your app! Read on to learn more.

Back in May 2021, when the latest iOS policy framework came along wreaking havoc among publishers’ steady ad revenues, we started to monitor the performance of both iOS apps and Android apps to see if our app monetization continues to improve our clients’ revenue growth compared to our competitors.

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App Revenue Growth Analysis

We are well aware that publishers have immense potential when it comes to earning more from their massive audiences. With our full-throttle app monetization services offering, we not only optimize your ad inventory, but we also optimize the whole programmatic advertising operation with the best solutions you won’t get anywhere else.

Here’s the analysis of a few apps from the day tracking was implemented to date.

Breezometer (111% revenue growth):


About Breezometer: BreezoMeter is an award-winning, 5 star-rated Air Quality measurement app that tracks the ambient air quality in your vicinity while minimizing your exposure to the surrounding air pollution at the same time.

  1. The latest version with app tracking phase was released on May 9, 2021, for the app: Breezometer
  2. The Publisher didn’t add any tracking to track how many users clicked the allow or deny button.
Breezometer (iOS app monetization)
Date Range Ad Requests Ad Impressions Ad CPM Revenue
Before tracking was implemented May (1st-8th) 216,091 61,503 $4.80 $294.99
After tracking was implemented June (1st-8th) 215,711 59,291 $5.51 $326.94
Variance in Revenue and Ad CPM $0.71 $43.89
Percentage Variance w.r.t May 14.79% 14.88%
Breezometer (android app monetization)
Date Range Ad Requests Ad Impressions Ad CPM Revenue
Before tracking was implemented May (1st-8th) 48,242 23,029 $2.72 $62.73
After tracking was implemented June (1st-8th) 45,583 25,424 $2.79 $71.04
Variance in Revenue and Ad CPM $0.07 $1.52
Percentage Variance w.r.t May 2.57% 2.42%


Breezometer wanted to increase digital ad revenue while reducing operating costs associated with running an ad technology team.


Breezometer chose to partner with MonetizeMore to leverage their app monetization


Breezometer experienced 111% growth on sites year-over-year and a 30% reduction in operational expenses.

Wuxia World:


About Wuxia World: Wuxia World is a top-rated serial fantasy anime novel website where tonnes of readers fanatically engage in regularly to enjoy the buzzing anime virtual world and countless anime stories.

Wuxia World (iOS app monetization)
Date Range Ad Requests Ad Impressions Ad CPM ($CA) Revenue ($CA)
Before tracking was implemented May (1st-10th) 9,319,551 537,189 $0.19 $102.78
After tracking was implemented June (1st-10th) 9,179,801 482,264 $0.22 $107.52
Variance in Revenue and Ad CPM $0.03 $15.40
Percentage Variance w.r.t May 15.79% 14.98%
Wuxia World (Android app monetization)
Date Range Ad Requests Ad Impressions Ad CPM ($CA) Revenue ($CA)
Before tracking was implemented May (1st-10th) 31,651,585 1,699,108 $0.52 $889.84
After tracking was implemented June (1st-10th) 28,761,969 2,086,485 $0.52 $1,086.67
Variance in Revenue and Ad CPM $0.00 -$6.30
Percentage Variance w.r.t May 0.00% -0.71%

As per the stats stated above for iOS, we have pulled up a variance and see that the Ad CPM increased by 15.795%, and revenue increased by 14.98% after tracking was implemented.


  • More yield: MonetizeMore’s approach syncs machine learning with yield optimization expertise to maximize ad revenue on the current ad inventory while also looking for better app monetization opportunities
  • Sustained Performance: We ensured that Wuxiaworld was running optimized ad campaigns while allowing the publisher to focus on creating more of their fantasy anime content & increasing its user base.
  • Premium User Experience: With faster load times, brand-relevant messaging, and creatives, their user experience only got better.

Mobiscore (71.14% increase in ad revenue)


About Mobiscore: Mobiscore is a live-match event and result display app that keeps its users up to date with live scores, league standings, Goals, Formations & more. Mobiscore’s ad revenue grew by 71.14% with MonetizeMore’s app monetization.

Mobiscore’s app monetization requirements were to amplify their yield growth and ad revenue and needed a transparent app monetization partner that could scale their app business while maximizing user experience and quality.


Mobiscore’s Results:


Immediately upon switching all app traffic to MonetizeMore, Mobiscore saw a 71.14% increase in ad revenue over their previous app monetization partner.

After partnering with us, they also got:

  • Innovative ad units to drive higher CPMs
  • Access to top brand advertisers



About RynVPN: Ryn VPN is a top-rated private, innovative & unlimited VPN proxy server. Ryn VPN hides the IP address & makes its users anonymous while scrolling the internet via the fast, express & unlimited secure VPN proxy master. It lets you hide all your online activities & real location from online hackers.

‘RynVPN’s ad revenue amplified by 95.73% with MonetizeMore’s app monetization.’

So, what happened here?

RYNVPN needed a reliable app monetization partner that could handle monetizing the hefty volume of their website and mobile app while maintaining a 5-star user experience & quality. They chose to partner with MonetizeMore to bolster their app monetization and saw a 96% increase in revenue in four months of their trusted partnership.

With MonetizeMore’s app monetization technology across their app, RynVPN’s revenue uplift was complemented by an increase in page speed and CPMs. Without compromising on user experience, we seamlessly integrated ads into the RYNVPN app across numerous channels.

App Monetization Models Analysis (app monetization statistics)

Why MonetizeMore?

More ROI: Among generic app monetization platforms, MonetizeMore’s app monetization platform was able to provide a significant improvement on ad revenue for the above apps immediately upon being integrated.

Innovative Ad Units: The custom ad units and our Pubguru header bidding, provide a unique user experience and higher CPMs.

The app monetization revenue growth that MonetizeMore delivers is a game-changer. With such a smooth setup, our clients are blown away with the full solution we brought to the table from CPM increase, revenue amplification to analysis.

Get in touch with one of our team members today if you’re looking for more information and an app monetization solution that delivers. Our team is comprised of AdOps experts who have helped clients increase their revenue by up to 4x using our full-service strategy. We can help you get on the right track with a smooth setup and are waiting to hear from you!

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