Best Ezoic Alternatives promising 3X more revenue

February 9, 2024 | by Aleesha Jacob

Ezoic offers an interesting proposition for emerging publishers by integrating directly with your DNS, a feature that might appeal to those just starting out. However, this system can present challenges for more experienced publishers, leading to complications like DNS issues, slow setup, etc.

If you’re looking for alternatives to Ezoic that might better suit your needs, especially in terms of user-friendliness and flexibility, the following options are worth exploring.


As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, MonetizeMore has distinguished itself with the creation of PubGuru, an award-winning ad tech platform that has garnered the trust of over 1,500 digital publishers worldwide. Operating across 40 countries, MonetizeMore stands out as the definitive choice for web publishers and app developers aiming to maximize their ad revenue with unparalleled efficiency.

What Sets MonetizeMore Apart:

Best Ezoic Alternatives promising 3X more revenue MonitizeMore

Admired Qualities:

  • Exceptional Communication and Support: MonetizeMore excels in providing outstanding communication, ensuring publishers have the support and assistance they need, whenever they need it.
  • Innovative Technology Utilization: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, MonetizeMore delivers superior ad optimization strategies that outperform competitors.
  • Customized Reporting: With reports meticulously tailored to specific publisher needs, MonetizeMore ensures data-driven decisions are both insightful and actionable.
  • Unmatched Monetization Performance: Among all Google Partners, MonetizeMore consistently achieves higher RPMs, elevating overall monetization to levels unmatched by any other platform, including Ezoic.
  • Innovative Header Bidding with PubGuru: MonetizeMore elevates ad revenue optimization with PubGuru’s header bidding technology, ensuring maximum yield from every ad impression.
  • Award-Winning IVT Solution with Traffic Cop: Combatting invalid traffic effectively, MonetizeMore’s Traffic Cop safeguards your ad revenue, ensuring that each click counts towards genuine engagement and you never get ad setup policy violations.

Areas for Enhancement:

  • Initial Setup Complexity: While the setup process can be intricate, especially for those with complex WordPress configurations, this thoroughness is appreciated for the tailored optimization it facilitates.

Get started with MonetizeMore here.

Best Ezoic Alternatives promising 3X more revenue MonitizeMore

As the world’s second-largest contextual advertising platform, stands at the forefront of ad technology, offering state-of-the-art server-to-server solutions. It caters not only to publishers aiming to monetize large audiences but also provides a complimentary platform for bloggers, content creators, and smaller-scale publishers.

Why Shines:

  • Seamless Website Approval: Gaining approval for monetization on is straightforward, making it an attractive option alongside giants like Google AdSense.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The dashboard is intuitively designed, welcoming new users with ease of navigation and clear analytics.
  • Optimized User Experience: With, ads integrate seamlessly, enhancing rather than detracting from the user experience. This attention to detail can help maintain, if not increase, site traffic and sales by avoiding the perception of spam.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Comparatively Lower CPC: While offering many benefits,’s Cost Per Click (CPC) rates are generally lower than those offered by Google AdSense.
  • Technical Setup: Initial integration can be tricky, with precise code placement required to avoid any potential SEO impact.

Google AdSense

Best Ezoic Alternatives promising 3X more revenue MonitizeMore

Google AdSense stands as a cornerstone in Google’s suite, offering publishers across its content network the ability to display a variety of advertisements automatically. These ads, which range from text and images to video and interactive media, are meticulously targeted to complement both the site’s content and its audience’s interests.

Advantages of Google AdSense:

  • Effortless Monetization: AdSense streamlines the monetization process, efficiently connecting your website with advertisers relevant to your content and audience, thereby maintaining user engagement without the need for extensive effort on your part.
  • Simple Setup and Diverse Ad Formats: The ease of setting up AdSense is unmatched, allowing publishers to quickly integrate the service. With an extensive selection of ad formats and a vast pool of advertisers, AdSense ensures that ads are both varied and pertinent.
  • Competitive Earnings: Depending on your site’s niche, AdSense can offer superior earnings compared to platforms like Ezoic, thanks to its extensive network of advertisers and sophisticated targeting algorithms.

Considerations for Google AdSense:

  • Limited Ad Control: While AdSense excels in ad relevance and variety, publishers have limited control over the specific ads displayed on their site, which may not always align with personal or brand preferences.
  • Strict Compliance Requirements: Google’s rigorous guidelines necessitate cautious use of AdSense to prevent any infractions that could lead to penalties, requiring a careful approach to ad implementation.


Best Ezoic Alternatives promising 3X more revenue MonitizeMore

Infolinks is a decent ad partner for publishers just starting out. With a straightforward setup process facilitated by plugins and code snippets, it caters to those seeking simplicity in ad integration.

Highlights of Infolinks:

  • Ease of Setup: They offer hassle-free installation, making it an attractive option for publishers without technical expertise. The platform’s user-friendly approach allows for quick and easy ad implementation.
  • Diverse Ad Formats: Offering a variety of ad types, including in-text and in-article ads, Infolinks provides publishers with flexible options to suit different content styles and layouts, enhancing the potential for audience engagement.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Unauthorized Ads: A significant concern raised by users is the occurrence of unauthorized ads being displayed without their consent, a serious issue that undermines publisher control and trust in the platform.
  • Lower Earnings: The revenue potential with Infolinks appears to be on the lower end for some publishers, possibly due to a mismatch between the site’s niche and the available advertiser inventory, limiting earnings opportunities.
  • Limited Ad Variety: The number of ads and the diversity of advertisers seem to be constrained, which may impact the monetization effectiveness for sites in certain niches.


Best Ezoic Alternatives promising 3X more revenue MonitizeMore

Raptive stands out as a specialized ad optimization platform designed specifically for bloggers aiming to enhance their site’s revenue. With a proven track record of delivering high RPMs, Raptive has demonstrated its effectiveness across multiple websites, earning satisfaction from users for its ability to significantly boost earnings.

Highlights of Using Raptive:

  • Exceptional Revenue Growth: Raptive is renowned for its capacity to maximize website revenue, making it a solid choice for bloggers focused on monetization. Users have reported considerable satisfaction with the revenue outcomes on various sites.

Points for Consideration:

  • Ad Density Concerns: A common observation is that sites utilizing Raptive may experience an overabundance of ads, which could potentially impact site usability. It’s advisable to communicate preferences regarding ad density and intrusiveness to maintain a balance between monetization and user experience.
  • High Traffic Requirement: The primary challenge with Raptive is its minimum threshold of 100,000 monthly pageviews for eligibility. While this criterion ensures a network of high-caliber publications, it can be a barrier for emerging sites striving to reach this benchmark.

Propeller Ads

Best Ezoic Alternatives promising 3X more revenue MonitizeMore

PropellerAds is another popular multisource advertising platform, offering an impressive suite of tools and features for media buyers, agencies, brand owners, and affiliate marketers alike. With a focus on leveraging AI for ad serving and optimization, PropellerAds provides access to a wide range of unique traffic sources. Their diverse ad formats, such as Push, In-Page Push, Interstitial, and Popunder, come with customizable templates, offering unparalleled flexibility in campaign design.

PropellerAds Highlights:

  • Versatile Ad Formats and Targeting: The platform’s array of ad formats coupled with precise targeting options cater to varied advertising strategies, making it easy to align with specific campaign goals. The standout feature, in my experience, is the platform’s competitive CPM rates, which are notably superior to many other advertising platforms in the market.

Propeller Ads dislikes:

  • Approval Times: The initial setup can be a bit of a hurdle, especially when it comes to the domain approval process. This may introduce delays in kicking off advertising campaigns, which requires a bit of patience and planning.
  • Optimization Learning Curve: For those new to pop or push traffic, there might be a learning curve involved in achieving optimal campaign success. Proper setup and optimization are crucial to leverage the full potential of PropellerAds.



What is the best Ezoic alternative?

The best alternatives to Ezoic are MonetizeMore and Raptive, both offering superior ad optimization technologies and high RPMs tailored for publishers looking to maximize their ad revenue.

How much does Ezoic pay?

Ezoic's payment per 1000 views depends on factors like the website's niche, content quality, audience demographics, and the specific ads displayed. Publishers can see RPMs ranging from a few dollars to over $20 or more, but exact figures can significantly differ based on the site’s niche.

Is Ezoic better than AdSense?

Comparing AdSense and Ezoic earnings directly is challenging due to the variability in website niches, traffic quality, and how each platform's optimization tools are used. However, AdSense RPMs can range widely from a few dollars to over $20, depending on niche, ad placement, and audience engagement. Ezoic outperforms AdSense RPMs by over 10% in most cases when the ads are placed properly.

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