Apply Ad Exchange’s Recommended Minimum CPM

We strongly suggest that you apply the recommended minimum CPM when setting the rules for your ad units. Why? Because Google, more than anyone else, knows what CPMs are likely to bring in the highest rates of return. They use their massive pools of data to help publishers optimize their CPMs, but they aren’t doing it out of selfless motivations.

When publishers make money, Google makes money. And the more you make money from Google AdSense or Ad Exchange ads, the more likely you are to continue running their ads and helping Google’s customers buy ads.

Here’s how you apply a recommended minimum CPM in the Ad Exchange rules list:

  1. Click the Rules tab.
  2. When the “Rules” page loads, find the rule for the ad unit you want to edit.
  3. Go to the section for setting pricing and adblocking.
  4. If you’d like to view “Min CPM”, select the option to show minimum CPM recommendations.
  5. Click “Recommendation”.
  6. Once your minimum CPM decisions have been made, set your changes, by clicking “Apply recommendation”.

Note that the new minimum CPM will take up to 24 hours to take effect.

Using the Minimum CPM Graphs

We highly recommend that you use the minimum CPM graphs to keep track of your monthly CPMs on a visual basis. Here’s how to make sense of the CPM graphs:

  1. The blue bar represents revenue.
  2. The grey bar represents impressions.
  3. The percentages shown are the projected incremental increase or decrease in revenue or impressions.
  4. The light blue and grey horizontal bar sections represent the actual values.
  5. The dark blue and dark grey sections of the horizontal bar represent the forecasted increase in revenue.

You can click the blue text “Min CPM values” in the appropriate category to set optimization levels (e.g., Optimize Both, Optimize Anonymous or Optimize Branded). You can also click “Apply recommendation” to optimize the CPMs for the appropriate optimization category. If you choose to do so, you can set a custom CPM value based on the analysis of the Anonymous and Branded trends. To use these custom values, manually enter the value into the “Change to” field, which displays the current CPM value.

You can then set your optimal Min CPMs by clicking the blue monetary values next to the “Change to” field. To select both recommendations at once, click the blue monetary values to set your optimal Min CPMs. Getting a handle on the complexities of minimum CPMs is made even easier by Ad Exchange’s powerful Minimum CPM recommendations and controls.

You should have a firm understanding of what your minimum CPMs are, what they should be to optimize your revenue and weak spots in your ad revenue chain. For help in optimizing your revenue, contact us today. We help our clients increase their ad revenue by 25-50%, and we’d love to help you do the same.

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Kean Graham

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  1. movie_doc

    Where do I find this “rules” tab? I don’t see it in DFP or MonetizeMore.

    • Kean

      Hi movie-doc!
      The “rules” tab can be found in the Google Ad Exchange interface, not in DFP:

  2. Mihai

    Also where can the “minimum CPM graphs” can be accessed ? This article would be better with some screenshots.


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