Advanced Ads is the Best Wordpress Plugin for Ad Optimization. Here’s Why.

Last updated: September 14, 2021 | by Kean Graham
advanced ads plugin review

This post was most recently updated on September 14th, 2021

When it comes to ad optimization, we have tried many WordPress plugins. However, there’s only one that stands out: Advanced Ads. Ad optimization and management have never been this efficient and successful. Advanced Ads addresses several publisher pain points. You can let your developer take a vacation because this plugin will do all the work for you.

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Does the following sound familiar?

You have different ad maps but are unable to set up separate header tags. This alone poses a lot of issues like sending invalid or null ad requests to bidders and will hurt your website’s reputation in the long run.

You need personalized ad optimization tips and support, but many plugins require additional payment – been there. Whatever it is you are struggling with when it comes to optimizing your ads, the Advanced Ads plugin has the answer.

How to set up and use the Advanced Ads plugin

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add new. Search for “Advanced Ads,” and it shows up first on the list. See below screenshot. Click ‘Install Now’ then activate.

wordpress plugin download

Here are some of our favorite Advanced Ads features:

Sticky Ads

You can set up sticky or anchor ad units in different positions – your choice: header, footer, left or right sidebar, left or right bar.

sticky ads

You can also set different triggers:

  1. Right away
  2. Right away and using an effect (fade, slide, show right away, after specific milliseconds)
  3. After X amount of time

To set this up, go to Advanced Ads > Placements > Create a new placement, then choose placement type.

A couple of things to ensure it works:

  1. The ad parameters box should have a specific width and height
  2. There should be no JavaScript errors on your site

Remember: not all ad networks allow anchor ads, so revisit the terms of service before trying this.

Creating ad grids

This feature works especially well for content recommendation units.

ad grids

Go to Advanced Ads > Groups. Set the group type to ‘Grid.’


The settings are entirely up to you. If you set the size to 4 columns x 2 rows, that means eight ads will be visible. Inner Margin in % is the size between ads and the borders which you can adjust depending on your site layout.

Min. Width is the minimum width of a column, so they don’t become too small for smaller devices. Full Width allows you to show the grid in a single column instead of multiple columns squeezed next to each other on smaller devices.

AdSense integration

You can seamlessly integrate your AdSense account with Advanced Ads. They are an official Google partner. This means you can simply choose the AdSense ad you’d like to implement within the Advanced Ads interface.

select ad size

Setup your account by navigating through Advanced Ads > Settings > AdSense.

Display ads based on browser language

You can limit the ad to display only for users who understand a particular language or create a custom greeting. NOTE: only use this option if you want to restrict it to some users.

browser language setting

Go to Visitor Conditions meta box and add ‘Browser Language.’ Choose the language the visitor’s browser must accept to show the ad.

NOTE: browser language is not dependent on the user’s location. Many browsers accept English by default.


browser language 2

Display and visitor conditions

This plugin saves you the headache of trying to figure out how to implement ads, so they only appear when and where they are supposed to.

display conditions

visitor conditions

Ad performance tracking

This add-on for Advanced Ads provides a method to track impressions and clicks for your ads in Google Analytics. This does not only save a lot of performance on your server but also enables you to compare those numbers with any other metrics in Analytics.

ad performance tracking

  • Choose from one of 4 methods to count impressions
  • Track impressions or clicks locally or with Google Analytics
  • Spread impressions and clicks over a period when an expiry date is set
  • Enable or disable tracking for all ads by default
  • Enable or disable tracking for each ad individually
  • Track Clicks
  • Wrap ads with links or place links manually
  • Dynamically attach a page id, slug or category to external links
  • Disable tracking for bots and crawlers
  • Open individual ads in a new window
  • Add nofollow attribute to links
  • Track events on external sites

Responsive Ads

One of the most significant issues in ad optimization is making sure ads serving on-site ‘fits’ the user’s screen. Can you imagine a 970×250 ad serving on iPhone X? With this feature, you can set the browser sizes where your ad becomes eligible to serve. It’s like ‘size mapping’ – the easy version!

responsive ads

Additional tutorials

Watch some of our Advanced Ads tutorials on Youtube:

Managing Codes For Varying Ad Maps Using The Advanced Ads WordPress Plugin

Creating Ad Placements With The Advanced Ads WordPress Plugin


There you have it! Now you know why the Advanced Ads plugin is MonetizeMore’s favorite ad optimization plugin. Sign up for a Starter account at MonetizeMore today!

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