What is the Adsense Policy on Auto-Refreshing Ads?

Is it acceptable to refresh Google ads? Yes – BUT only when it is user-initiated!

Google makes it clear that auto-refreshing Google ads in the following ways are not permitted:

  • Refresh non-google ad to a Google ad
  • Refresh Google ad to a non-Google ad

However, if the case is user-initiated, it is safe to:

  • Refresh a non-Google ad to a Google ad

And depending on your chosen ad network, it is generally fine to auto-refresh a non-Google ad to another non-Google ad.


Unless user-specified, publishers are not allowed to auto-refresh to and from Google ads, in a single URL.

We’ve seen some publishers do this to inflate page views, but as we always say – the sneaky tricks won’t do any good in the long term. Google might disable your ads at any time. Additionally, it pays to keep maintain a good user experience on your site.

What’s in it for Publishers?

This does not mean you cannot reload ads on a given page. As long as you’re compliant with Google’s rules, you can make use of DFP in reloading ads (without refreshing the whole page) based on a timer.

Here’s how: https://support.google.com/dfp_sb/answer/3058726?hl=en

As a note: The refresh functionality only works in asynchronous mode. Calling refresh() creates a new correlator ID for the requested ad.
We help publishers stay Google-compliant by informing our publishers of the latest Google policy updates. Stay tuned for more news on Adsense policy. Sign up for a Professional account at MonetizeMore today!

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  1. Fahad

    Hello, I have a question; I have a blog hosted on WordPress, so I want to refresh ads (not refresh the entire page, just the ads) every 10 to 15 seconds through a premium plug. Do you think it is something that google allows? Let me know. Thanks.

    • MonetizeMore

      It’s not allowed.

  2. Adrian


    Very interesting article. Straight to the point!

    I have a question:

    I’m using a WordPress plugin that refreshes the page when the user clicks a “continue” button.

    The page refreshes but the URL doesn’t change.

    Are all those refreshes considered valid page views (since the refresh is user-initiated)?


    • MonetizeMore

      Yes, valid


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