Adsense: New Ad Sizes & Latest Traffic Trends

Google Adsense has released new ad sizes: 970 x 250 Billboard and the 300 x 1050 Portrait. These are in response to outstanding results of larger ad formats as they are able to feature attractive, rich media creatives. These new ad sizes can boost your revenue as you are able to cater to more advertisers while taking reader-engagement a notch higher.

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These new ad formats can display both text and image ads. They can also provide additional space for closely-sized ads: a 300 x 250 ad would serve in the 970 x 250 ad unit and a 160 x 600 would serve in the 300 x 1050 ad unit.

970x250 ad 300x1050 ad

The new ads can only appear once on a page as these are relatively larger than the old ones. This is also to ensure a healthy balance between ads and content on a page.

Where to Look for Traffic Trends?

Check out Google Trends and see what users are looking for when they search for topics relevant to your site. This is especially helpful when you’re a news site publisher and you want to find out what subtopics and queries readers are interested in as you write about headlines and top stories.

For example, here’s what’s trending about the World Cup:

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