Adsense Improves Unmatched Ad Requests Reporting

Google has made it more accurate and transparent in reporting ad request coverage rates in Adsense. You will notice that recording ad requests in Adsense is now similar to how it’s recorded in Adx.

In the past, when Dynamic Allocation is enabled in your network, and Adsense could not beat the minimum CPMs, these ad requests were not recorded in your reports. Now with the improved reporting, Adsense will show these unmatched ad requests.

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So if you have a high number of unmatched ad requests – this results to a lower ad request coverage rate. This is not an indication of a decrease in earnings. It simply is a result of more accurate reporting.

New Report Tool: Request Sources

To find out which ad requests were called due to dynamic allocation, and to know if a minimum CPM was set for competition; Google has launched the new “Request Sources” report. Check out the details of this reporting tool:

Data is presented in the following categories:

  1. No Dynamic Allocation (direct requests) – ad requests made outside of dynamic allocation. This category includes direct ad requests to AdSense.
  2. Dynamic Allocation with no DFP competition – ad requests made as part of dynamic allocation where no reserve price was set by the publisher’s ad server.
  3. Dynamic Allocation with DFP competition – ad requests made as part of dynamic allocation where a reserve price was set by the publisher’s ad server.

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