Ad Tech Firms are 2015 Fastest-Growing Companies in the US

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Last updated: August 1, 2019 | by Kean Graham
Ad Tech Firms 3rd Fastest-Growing in 2015

This post was most recently updated on August 1st, 2019

In Inc. Mag’s latest Revenue Survey, the Ad and Marketing industry is ranked as the 3rd fastest growing industry with a 201% growth in revenue and employees. This data confirms the continuing rise of the allocated budget spent on digital advertising by brands. In fact, this year’s first quarter experienced the highest increase in U.S. ad revenues in history, raking in $13.3 billion with a 16% growth compared to the previous year.

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Even if digital advertising is fairly new compared to its traditional counterpart, a lot of progress has been done in the ecosystem, including using data to understand a person’s consumption across all devices and programmatic buying. As the landscape expands, keeping up with the latest trends and understanding them is important for advertisers, publishers, and even consumers.

How does this affect Publishers?

The fast-growing marketplace requires publishers to stay on top with the latest trends to keep up. This comes with a caveat: know your customers first and ensure that their expectations in experience are being met. Adapting the latest and the shiniest will be useless if it doesn’t fit the overall marketing and advertising strategy. Get a baseline first before implementing something new.

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With strategic goals in mind, publishers should carefully select partners to secure their data and to optimize their ad inventory while maintaining control over their properties. With the market exponentially expanding and slowly becoming oversaturated, standing on stable grounds ensure a firm hold in the market despite ongoing changes.

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