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Last updated: September 22, 2021 | by Kean Graham
Sekindo ad network review

This post was most recently updated on September 22nd, 2021

One of MonetizeMore’s Best Ad Network’s of 2015, Sekindo, is slowly making itself known in the industry for delivering high CPM rates, high fill rates, and a programmatic approach to optimization.

Established in 2006, Google certified, IAB compliant and ComScore validated, they’ve steadily grown with a variety of ad format offerings: banners, pop-ups, text, affiliate links, and rich media (for both for websites and smartphone applications alike). Just recently they’ve also made themselves available in mobile.

Let’s take a closer look at what is Sekindo (now called Primis) and what they have to offer in 2018.

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Display can turn your normal 300×250 banner placement into a video space to maximize revenue with high-quality content.

They implement their own technologically savvy player using minimal memory resources.  Hence you can guarantee fast add delivery even with the slowest browsers.

Ad Network Review: Sekindo MonitizeMore

Suggested Placements:

1) In-line text

The longer the video shown, the higher the CPMs. In just 5 seconds it’s possible to earn over $1 and in 10 seconds as high as $10.  It is best to choose an ad placement where the engagement and time spent on the page is high.

Ad Network Review: Sekindo MonitizeMore

2) Besides a comment or login box

Following the same principle as our first suggestion, we recommend publishers place a video banner in areas where users linger most.

Ad Network Review: Sekindo MonitizeMore


Just recently, Sekindo launched Mobile to complete its digital advertising suite of offerings. A variety of options are available including banners, interstitials, contextual ads, and exit full-page ads.


The company sources digital video advertising (video Sekindo) that delivers the highest monetization with the highest fill rates and ECPMs. They aggregate demand from direct advertisers by working with Universal McCann, leading DSP’s and ad exchanges to deliver the best results available.

Lastly, they deliver premium advertisers and big brands at rates that are competitive. Their player can be customized to your needs and is compatible with mobile and web platforms. Most importantly, it’s VAST and VPAID supported.

Approval Process

Rating: 4/5

There is no specific requirement in terms of traffic or impression volume. Websites are assessed if the demand exists in the countries where your impressions are coming from.

Sekindo will most likely ask how much volume you can send. Make sure when providing information on volume to be truthful.  Do not inflate your numbers as they reserve the right to shut down your campaign.

Reporting Interface

Rating: 4/5

Sekindo’s easy reporting dashboard includes options with ready buttons if you want to see past weekly, monthly, or custom past performance.

Their hourly reporting breakdown is especially helpful so that optimizers can adjust quickly to rapidly fluctuating CPM rates.

Ad Network Review: Sekindo MonitizeMore

Ad Network Review: Sekindo MonitizeMore

Payment Delivery

Rating: 5/5

Sekindo operates on Net-30 payment terms and publishers must invoice them to receive payments.  They are known to pay on time. Payment options are similar to other ad networks – ACH, Wire, Paypal or Check.

Customer Service

Rating: 5/5

Because of their quick response times, we rated their customer service 9 out of 10. In addition, they proved very helpful in assisting us when numbers dropped.  They’ve taken great care to work closely with us to correct issues and improve numbers.

Though they can be demanding in their desire to gain higher volume, the overall experience working with them and returns have proven to be worth the small inconvenience.

Other Helpful Information

Sekindo’s numbers can be slow to gain momentum at the outset, so it’s important to be patient. Many ad networks begin strong but either taper off or jump ship if they aren’t happy with the revenues they see. On the contrary, as long as you work closely with Sekindo to follow their suggestions and continue to test, we find we’ve had great long-term success.

It’s best to discuss expectations with your ad rep and to slowly scale up as results improve. Our tip is to gradually increase volume and stay the course.  There will be slow days, but we encourage publishers to embrace a long-term growth strategy and not to give up on a campaign if you’ve encountered a difficult few days of low CPM’s.

Moving forward

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