Ad Exchange Reports in Google Analytics: What’s in it for Publishers?

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Last updated: July 31, 2019 | by Kean Graham
Ad Exchange Publisher Reports in Google Analytics

This post was most recently updated on July 31st, 2019

Heads up! to all publishers who are using Google Analytics to monitor their site’s daily performance and at the same time using AdSense and Ad Exchange, here’s good news: Google has launched a new Publisher Reporting section where you will be able to track your AdSense and Ad Exchange performance especially if you are not running them via DFP. This will make a whole lot easier for everyone because you’ll be able to compare website and ad performance metrics in one interface.

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According to Google, this new reporting tool will be called “Publisher Reporting” instead of the old name AdSense Reports. You can find this new reporting tool under the “Behavior” category.

Ad Exchange Reports in Google Analytics: What's in it for Publishers? MonitizeMore

For those publishers who don’t currently run Ad Exchange on DFP, an option to link your Ad Exchange account is given to you and you can find it in the Admin tab on the “Product Linking” option.

Ad Exchange Reports in Google Analytics: What's in it for Publishers? MonitizeMore

Remember: Linking properties requires a user who has Edit permission on the Analytics property and Administrator access on the Adsense or Ad Exchange account.
What’s in it for Publishers?

Having this kind of reporting is beneficial to publishers to give them in-depth comparison reports of their Adsense and Ad Exchange accounts. It would be easier to measure the result of your optimization strategy on both accounts. Some data you can derive from this new report section include:

  • Top performing pages for Adsense vs Ad Exchange
  • Best placements that work for Adsense and Ad Exchange campaigns
  • Traffic type that drives Adsense and Ad Exchange goals
  • Revenue numbers for both Adsense and Ad Exchange
  • Insights to help optimize Adsense and Ad Exchange campaigns

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