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Last updated: July 31, 2019 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on July 31st, 2019

8 FREE Publisher Tools for your Website MonitizeMore
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In this digital age, we have a lot more options to make our work more productive and ultimately, your business more profitable. There are thousands of tools out there waiting for you to discover and take advantage of.

To make it even easier for you, we have listed here the top 8 publisher tools you can use for your site. Maybe far from being sexy, but these are free, so help yourself!

1) Socialcrawlytics.com– If you want to know what your competitors up to, use this. It allows you to conduct competitive research by showing your competitors’ most-shared content.

2) Socialmention.com – This offers real-time social media search and analysis. Just enter a search term and see who’s sharing what, right now. Update: the tool does not seem to exist anymore.

3) Followerwonk.com – Using  Twitter? Make use of this tool to track your followers and those that follow you. I bet you want to know if your competitor is following you!

4) Webconfs.com/similar-page-checker.php – if you’re into blogging and you want to make sure that there will be no copyright problems, this tool is handy. These 5) Google Pagespeed Insights – Page speed is correlated with better rankings and user engagement. This gives you tools, data, and insights to improve your page speed. Remember, better rankings means more traffic!

6) Rapportive.com – This is a must-have for marketers. Rapportive works with your Gmail inbox to give you near-instant rich contact information for almost everyone you want to reach. Grow your network in no time!

7) Youtube Analytics – If you are a YouTube video publisher, you will like this tool. This offers video-specific analytics for YouTube videos.  View reports for demographics, traffic sources, and audience retention.

8) Google Analytics – And the one tool any publisher should have – this! What better way to increase your traffic but by analyzing your visitor traffic and identifying your audience and their needs.

Enjoy real dashboards and real-time reporting offered by this tool which helps you analyze the driving force behind your traffic. If you are a mobile publisher, don’t fret! Google Analytics has your back as it covers all platforms for websites, tablets, and smartphones.

If you are a publisher who wants to monetize your website and increase revenue by 25% – 100%, contact us for a FREE website consultation.

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