7 best ways to increase ad revenue

Last updated: April 5, 2023 | by Aleesha Jacob

This post was most recently updated on April 5th, 2023

There are plenty of things to worry about when it comes to running a website. But chief among them should be increasing ad revenue. Here are 7 tips to get that ad revenue rollin’.

1. Header bidding

One of the fastest and safest ways to increase the publisher’s yield online is through header bidding. In just a few years, header bidding has grown from being an option restricted to the most tech-savvy publishers to becoming the new norm. More than 70% of publishers currently use header bidding to make more money from website monetization. In addition, server-side header bidding is gaining traction too.

Why? Although more intricate to develop, it remains one of the best options to maximize ad revenue and you can learn more about it here.

2. Programmatic Private Exchanges

PMP stands for Private Marketplace, a set of exclusive real-time bidding auctions in which publishers invite a bunch of buyers to bid on their inventory. Here, publishers only pick a select lot of buyers for their premium inventory. The buyer can either bid in a private RTB auction or buy directly via preferred deals.

So what’s ‘premium’ inventory?

Publishers decide what they package as ‘premium’ and what prices they charge. Additionally, advertisers are willing to pay a lot for premium inventory. There’s a great demand for premium inventory tailored to highly specific audience segments, but there isn’t nearly enough available. Brands and advertisers are shifting their focus to private marketplaces in search of the advertising inventory that helps them attain their marketing goals, and this will only help increase publisher ad revenue.

3. Ad Blocking

Advertisement blocking is a must-have for publishers in this day and age to avoid any kind of legal issues. GDPR and CCPA prohibit publishers from displaying certain kinds of services or products online (categories include: violence, gambling, alcohol, etc). It is also prohibited to advertise ads that come in these categories to kids & teens like body part graphics related to dietary supplements.

Mission ‘Unlock AdBlock Traffic’

One of the best means to help improve publishers’ ad revenue through SAAS solutions is monetizing AdBlock traffic. Publishers, advertisers, & advertising agencies lose money because almost everyone is using some type of AdBlock technology.

Therefore, solutions have emerged in the publishers marketplace that aims to monetize the traffic that’s being blocked by AdBlock solutions without annoying the site visitors. With Adblock technology, revenue increases can range from 10-15%. Few sites even crossed over 60% as seen in the chart below:

7 best ways to increase ad revenue MonitizeMore

In order to implement these types of solutions, it is crucial to observe the page views or sessions are not getting affected here and whether the ads that have been unlocked are decent & less intrusive for site visitors.

4. AMP

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP being designed as an open standard for publishers, was developed to make the site’s pages load faster in mobile mode. This open-source initiative from Google was quickly implemented since many users are glued to their mobile screens. Mobile users can expect slower loading times without AMP. It may even take up to 3-5 times longer.  Although AMP can improve both the user experience and publisher CPMs significantly, the impact varies greatly by website, so publishers cannot predict what type of results they should expect.

7 best ways to increase ad revenue MonitizeMore

5. Ad Placement Optimization

Whenever a new publisher onboards to partner with us, we share the best ad placement optimization strategies with them on how they can improve their site’s layout. These types of tweaks include: increasing or decreasing the number of ad units, size optimizations, etc. To successfully create a website’s layout, you need to use the appropriate techniques, products, and, most importantly, get to know your audience. Testing ad placement optimizations for each ad unit is crucial when the main goal is to improve CTRs for your site’s ad units.

Best practices include:

  • Above the fold ad placements
  • Ad placement near CTA
  • Seamless integration with site content.

For instance: moving a 200×200 ad unit from the left column of the page to the right side & optimizing your ad units have chances of increasing your conversion rates by over 70%. The secret sauce here lies in continuous tweaking and optimization to increase and optimize your ad revenue.

6. Comparing Ad Networks

Using the best ad network will always keep you two steps ahead of your competitor. With the best ad networks, you’ll always be assured that you are getting paid handsomely. Ad relevance and quality matter as well. You may have succeeded when it comes to finding the best ad size and ad placement.

But how can you ensure that the ads that are relevant to what your website users actually need are designed properly with a clear call to action? Although tracking the CTR of each creative and banner ad is not possible for publishers/webmasters (and even impractical in many networks), later on, the ad network quality would speak through the eCPMs and RPMs. Sometimes a micro-network specifically designed for your vertical (think Insurance Ad Network) is better than a large or well-known network if it gives you access to more relevant and premium advertisers.

So, if you test various ad networks with the ad size and placement being constant for an ad unit, you can actually analyze which network is performing better (in terms of total income CTRs & eCPMs) overall.

7. CPC vs CPMs

Enterprise-level publishers don’t talk much about CPC since they mainly want a fixed cost for impressions delivered. CPMs have yielded better returns over a period of time to enterprise-level publishers. For instance, if CPC gives revenue of $X on average, CPM ads will help you earn double. It may be a better option to use CPMs here, but you should always test what works best for your site. Regardless of whether you earn more revenue through CPM ads or CPC ads, the only way to know for sure is to test.

Choosing the right partner

So how do you go about finding a provider that will increase your site’s revenue? Well, we’ve got experience in this area and have tested multiple providers over the years. In fact, our team has increased ad revenue for 1000+ publishers by up to 50%. And we can help you do the same.

Contact us today and let us show you what God-Mode feels like when it comes to your website’s ad revenue.

7 best ways to increase ad revenue MonitizeMore

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