6 Reasons why unique content is indispensable to maximize your revenue

Last updated: January 18, 2023 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on January 18th, 2023

With the influx of visitors on the web daily, it has become more difficult than ever to make a profit. One of the ways to make a profit from a website is through monetization. Monetization is a massive problem that most businesses and websites continue to face. That is why many companies are trying to showcase their unique content to be one step ahead of their competition. But why is everyone focusing on unique content for website monetization? Are there no other strategies available?

To answer the aforementioned questions, let’s talk about the role of unique content in monetizing a website in 2022 and some tips and tricks for creating unique content. Thus, without any further ado, let’s delve into this article.

What is a Unique Piece of Content?

The term ‘unique content’ refers to content originality. It is the fuel of the digital marketing engine. The more unique and quality content a digital marketer provides, the more likely people will choose to buy from his website. Furthermore, the more people decide to buy from his website, the faster he grows his business.

Thus, if a writer or digital marketer says that the content on his website is unique, it means that the visitors won’t be able to find a duplicate copy of that content.

The Role of Unique Content in Monetizing a Website in 2022:

Now, let’s understand the role of unique content in website monetization through the benefits of having a unique piece of content on a website.

  • Helps in earning approval to integrate popular advertising networks:

The first and probably the most evident advantage of having a unique piece of content on a website is gaining the eligibility of mobile Ad networks and other Ad Exchange programs.

Most advertising networks have a strict requirement of having unique website content to integrate their advertising program into a website. So, unique content plays a vital role in integrating a website with an Ad network, which is the first step toward monetizing a website.

  • Positively impacts the user experience of a website:

In digital marketing, the term ‘conversion’ means when a visitor completes a desired goal on a website, like purchasing something or filling out a form. So, having unique content on a website will increase its conversion rate, positively impacting its user experience.

Moreover, according to a survey from Aberdeen, websites that focus on unique and consistent content creation have a 6x higher conversion rate than those that don’t take unique content seriously.

  • Organically enhances a website’s traffic and increases its brand awareness:

When a user searches for a topic on the internet, he wants to get unique information on every page appearing in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Thus, suppose a website continues to provide original content to its visitors. In that case, it will drive more traffic than its counterparts and increase its brand awareness. In the end, it will earn the attention of potential businesses, which is another goal of monetizing a website.

  • Assists in positioning the content as an industry expert:

Suppose a website targets a specific content type and continues producing quality and original content. In that case, people will start recognizing that website because of its content rather than its brand name. And if this scenario continues, people will consider that website an industry expert in that content niche.

  • Enhances the chances of ranking on the first SERPs:

Every content creator knows that search engines are advanced enough to prefer unique content and automatically eliminate duplicate content. So, having unique and quality content increases the chances of appearing on the first page of search engines.

  • Helps in converting readers to potential customers:

Website monetization is all about established businesses reaching a particular website without the interference of any advertising networks. So, suppose a website continues to provide its readers with unique and quality content. In that case, its readers will turn into customers, spreading the word more quickly to established businesses than other information-spreading means.

6 Reasons why unique content is indispensable to maximize your revenue MonitizeMore

Some Tips of the Trade for Creating Unique Content for a Website:

Unique content is the king of the internet. However, digital marketers cannot entirely depend on writing original content because they also need to think about how they will add the ‘interesting’ factor to their content. So, after understanding the role of unique content in monetizing a website in 2022, let’s hover over some tips to create unique and quality content.

  • Use blog posts or a podcast rather than using links:

Adding links to relevant books, websites, or products is common because every digital marketer does this. So, to add the ‘unique content’ factor to a website, digital marketers should focus on creating a blog post or interviewing someone who has experience with your topic.

  • Create content according to the reader’s inspirations:

While creating original content, a content creator should think about what appeals to other people and use those things as inspiration for his writing. However, this doesn’t mean plagiarizing content.

If people like what they are reading, they will most likely go out of their way to share it with their friends and followers. And even if people are not reading the content with complete focus, there’s a good chance that they will bookmark it for later. This situation is especially true when it comes to posts related to technology.

  • Produce relevant content:

A content creator should ensure that each piece of content on his website has a reason for being there. For example, if an article focuses on how to get free traffic from Google search results, a content writer should ensure that the article has some value beyond just traffic.

  • Understand the impact of infographics:

Content writing is not all about words; sometimes, even good readers can get bored while reading plain content. So, a content creator should use images relevant to the topic of each blog post or article he writes.

For example, suppose a writer is writing an article about how to use Google Ad Manager or other app monetization programs. In that case, he should not post a generic image of a woman smiling at her computer monitor with a caption saying ‘Google Ad Manager. Instead, he should use an image that describes what Google Ads are like and includes text explaining why it matters in this context.

How to Check the Uniqueness of Content?

The only way to determine whether a piece of content is unique or not is by using a plagiarism checker.

Plagiarism checker tools use AI algorithms to scan any uploaded content against billions of published materials. So, it is a much more advanced and efficient way of checking the originality of content.

Takeaway – the Conclusion:

Every day, the internet becomes an increasingly crowded place. With Google and other search engines using sophisticated algorithms to rank web pages, it can be challenging for your content to stand out. Including unique content, high-quality images and videos, and precise copywriting are a few ways of increasing the chances of adding the ‘unique’ factor to a piece of content.

All in all, unique content on a website makes it eligible to integrate with Google AdSense or similar Ad networks, which is the goal of every publisher.

Once the content is set, leave the rest to MonetizMore for spiking that ad revenue. Get started here.

6 Reasons why unique content is indispensable to maximize your revenue MonitizeMore

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