A9 Enabled but Slots Not Defined. Here’s How To Fix It

Check your Header Bidding configuration to make sure the SLOT field contains your div-IDs or upgrade your Header Bidding version.

Important: You need to upgrade to version 0.20.5 or up


Step 1: Check your Header Bidding configuration. Slot fields should contain your ad unit codes or div IDs.

ad unit device desktop

Step 2: Open your site > right click > inspect

Step 3: Click on the Console tab

Step 4: Type in  apstag.debug(‘enableConsole’) and refresh the page


Step 5: A green integration status result will come up as shown below

Step 6: If you get ALL Green it means you’re all set

amazon publisher services

Step 7: If you get this error, follow the steps below:

empty slot error

a) Go back to your configuration and add the SLOT ID in each of the ad unitsNote: for an ON-page setup, SLOT should be the div ID coded in your source code for each ad unit

new ad unit

b) Re-run the test. You should get all the green results.

Step 8: For the following errors, reach out to your Amazon ad representative:

warning message

integration analysis

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