A9 Configured for Auction but apstag Didn’t Load. Here’s How To Fix It

Troubleshooting needed for your Amazon A9 setup.

Important: Amazon A9 works on versions 1.16.2 and up


Step 1: Open the relevant Header Bidding configuration/s

Step 2: Re-check that you have the correct Publisher ID

Amazon publisher services unified ad marketplace

Step 3: Open your site > right click > inspect

Step 4: Click on the Console tab

Step 5: Type in  apstag.debug(‘enableConsole’) and refresh the page

console screenshot

Step 6: A green integration status result will come up as shown below

Step 7: If you get ALL Green it means you’re all set

apstag screenshot

Step 8: Log into your A9 account > ‘Setup’ tab

set up DFP

Step 9: Make sure all required steps have a green check. Follow the guide if there’s anything not yet complete.

set up sites screenshot

Step 10: Check your DFP order – it should be ‘ready’ or ‘delivering’

line items delivering

Step 11: Upgrade your Header Bidding configuration version if necessary. A9 only works on version 1.16.2 and up.

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