Your Site is Not GDPR Compliant. Here’s How To Fix It.

Regardless of where you are located in the world, you must obtain consent to use modern identifiers in advertising and website user analytics for users located in the EU/EEA.


Tutorials based on the type of setup you have:

How to Implement a GDPR Consent Form On WordPress

How To Make AdSense Tags GDPR Compliant

How to Make Google Ad Exchange Tags GDPR Compliant

How To Make DFP Publishers GDPR Compliant

How To Make PubGuru Header Bidding OFF-page Publishers GDPR Compliant

New update: MonetizeMore can now handle GDPR and CCPA consent for OFF-page publishers even with a single line of Header Bidding script deployed in the header section of your source code. Check with your account manager about it.

How to Make PubGuru Header Bidding ON-page Publishers GDPR Compliant

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