Your DFP ad unit is defined on page but the corresponding div or body tag is missing. Here’s how to fix it.

There are 3 sections where an ad unit div or body tag should be implemented:

Step 1: DFP ad unit code

GAM Ad Unit

Step 2: Source code within <head> </head> or PubGuru Header Bidding configuration.

Step 3: Source code, within the <body> </body>, where the ad is supposed to show.


Step 1: Log into > PubGuru Header Bidding> Configurations

Step 2: Search for the relevant configuration

Step 3: Check the slot field in the configuration to make sure it’s correct

ad unit slot for desktop

Step 4: The slot field should be your ad unit code

GAM Ad Unit

Step 5: Audit Div IDs/Slot IDs in the source code (Open the website > Right click > View Page Source)

view page source

Step 6: CTRL+F the slot ID/div ID

Off-page setup: You should see at least 1 result on the body.

desktop sidebar code

On-page setup: CTRL+F ‘defineslot’, to locate the header tags.

define slot

… then CTRL + F slot ID/div ID
If you see in your results that you have 3 matches (1 on the header, 2 on the body) then that means that the div id is set up properly.

search for div screenshot

Step 7: If it’s missing on the page, verify if this unit should be part of the ad map. If not, remove it from the header bidding configuration. If yes, the code should be added on the page.

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