Your Ads Are Not Fully Monetized. Here’s How To Fix It.

You should always be working to monetize 100% of your ad impressions. Your ad revenues are suffering because {% of Unfilled Ad Impressions} of your ad impressions are going unfilled. Several tactics can be employed to remedy unfilled ad impressions so you can monetize 100% of your ad impressions.

Step 1: Run a DFP Report to see which ad units are getting the most unfilled impressions

unfilled impressions screenshot

Step 2: Audit the Div IDs/Slot IDs in the source code. To do this open the website > right click on the page > select “View Page Source”. Use CTRL + F to find the slot ID/div ID.

On-page setup – If you see in your results that you have 3 matches of the slot ID/div ID within the page (1 on the header, 2 on the body) then that means the div id is set up properly.

search for code

Off-page setup – You should see at least 1 result on the body.

ad unit code search

Step 3: Verify that the MonetizeMore Header Bidding placement IDs/parameters are correct.

header bids

Step 4: Check your House line item to make sure all active ad units are targeted.

Step 5: Check your Ad Exchange order and line items to make sure all the active ad units are targeted.

ad unit list

Step 6: Check the CPM floors across all ad networks. A high CPM floor could restrict the ability of the lower paying advertisers to bid for your inventory.

Step 7: If the ad unit that gets the most unfilled impressions is a 1×1, which you built for non-100% fill ad networks (e.g. anchor, slider, and push down ads), see if you can set up a pass back. The pass back you can use must be of the same ad format (i.e. anchor ad passing back to another anchor ad).

Step 8: Sign up with as many ad networks possible that can fill the 1×1 slot (ad format approved by the publisher to run).

Step 9: Check your top geographic locations and see if all of the geographical traffic is being targeted by these 1×1 ad networks. Most of the time, non-English traffic is prone to unfilled impressions because it’s very rare for these ad networks to monetize them. Look for ad networks that can monetize global traffic.

unfilled impressions

Step 10: Consider pausing all non-100% fill managed demand and switch to the non-standard ads supported by MonetizeMore Header Bidding (i.e. autozone) + AdExchange/AdSense. This makes the ad spot more competitive.

ad unit location

Step 11: Run your discrepancy audit and identify which ad networks could be causing the impression gap.

Step 12: Do an ad quality monitoring test to hunt down blank ads or in-banner video ads (IBVs) slowing down the page.

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