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Last updated: March 27, 2022 | by Kean Graham
where to find ad network reviews

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At the very heart of site, monetization is the ability to increase revenue streams. Revenue streams increase through numerous sources from ad networks. And ad networks often put their best foot forward in the ad serving game. How can you tell if you are up for a really good deal or bracing yourself for the worst? Ad network reviews provide you with the forewarnings and knowledge that you require before taking a chance on a new ad network.

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Naturally, finding accurate reviews involves research. But some websites are paid or sponsored by ad networks to provide good reviews. There are a handful of legitimate places where you can find ad network reviews and information and here are some of the most popular ones:

  1. Blogs of Ad Optimization Experts. What better way to get to know the ad networks than by getting information straight from those who are exposed to ad operations on a regular basis. People who monetize their site, optimize their ads, and live to tell the tale are few and far between, but they are worth following because of the nuggets of wisdom that they provide. Some middle supply-side and demand side agencies are also worth looking into.
  2. Publisher Forums. A community of people discussing an ad network is the best way to find numerous perspectives in a single reading. There will be positive, neutral, and negative things that can be posted about an ad network and it encapsulates years or months of experience with a particular ad network.
  3. Ad Network Directories. When doing comparative studies, it’s good to access ad network directories because some of them will contain star ratings placed side by side with the ad network’s features like modes of payment, geographic targets, method of payment, and many others. A great resource is Thalamus – they’ve built an up-to-date searchable database of ad networks based on channel, type, and pricing.
  4. Tech News Sites. The manner of reviewing ad networks from here may be indirect, but they are just as useful. Trends in the advertising technology platforms will tell you if a particular ad network’s tool of choice is already going obsolete or becoming cutting edge.

Diligent research on ad networks is essential to the success of your campaign. Continue to dig through these resources and you will achieve wizard status in discerning the authenticity of ad networks in no time.

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