What is Header Bidding? [Video]

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Until recently, the preferred technique publishers used to optimize ad stacks was waterfalling. Waterfalling is a strategy through which publishers optimize remnant ad inventory by creating a bidding priority hierarchy amongst different ad networks.

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Unfortunately, waterfalling is less than optimal for revenue yield because the rates publishers update daily are based upon historical values. Ideally, real-time values, not historical ones, should determine those rates. Waterfalling often restricts the highest bidder from winning ad impressions.  This translates into lower revenues for publishers.

Find out more about header bidding here: https://www.monetizemore.com/blog/header-bidding-a-to-z-publisher-guide/

Enter header bidding…

Header bidding solves this problem. Unlike waterfalling, publishers offer their ad inventory to different networks at the same time, allowing them to bid against each other simultaneously. Without preferential treatment, each ad impression is auctioned at the highest possible rate in real-time, increasing revenues as much as 50%.

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