We detected a low quality advertiser in your DFP. Follow these steps to troubleshoot its performance.

Sample error: Low-quality advertiser detected for DFP network Sky Rocket Inc. (12345678)

Step 1: Check if you intended to run the ad network in question.

Step 2: Log into the ad network user interface to check performance.

Step 3: On the DFP Query Tool, run a report for this order/ad network.

Step 4: Compare impressions and revenue in DFP vs the user interface.

Step 5: If True CPM [(UI revenue/DFP imps)*1000] fits your optimization strategy, keep running it.

Step 6: Check how this ad network impacts the performance of other ad units.

Step 7: Notice any negative changes in the ad unit level and overall yield.

Step 8: Pause if necessary.

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