Warning to Candidates -Fake Company Has Been Pretending to be MonetizeMore

It’s come to our attention that a fake company has been running a scam on remote companies and targeting their hiring candidates.

We’ve had a number of candidates reach out over the past week about fraudulent hiring offers being made by a fraudster claiming to represent MonetizeMore.

The scammer is emailing candidates about a fake offer from MonetizeMore or other remote companies and then trying to get the candidate to buy gift cards for them.

We’re taking action on our part to help candidates that have been affected and we apologize deeply for the confusion. We’re confused ourselves, but understand that the internet is full of fraudulent actors and this is just another one of their schemes to defraud legitimate businesses.

How to know if your offer from MonetizeMore is legitimate:

First things first, we would never extend an offer to a candidate without going through a formal interview process. If you haven’t had an interview, then you haven’t received an offer from us.

Second, we would only email you from our official monetizemore.com email addresses. The fraudster’s emails are not using our email domain. They’re just pretending to represent us by mentioning our brand in their email.

Third, please email us at support@monetizemore.com if you’ve been affected by the fraudster. We will help you setup a legitimate interview with your hiring manager.