How to Use the AdSense Referrers Report for Publishers

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Google Analytics is an effective application that will help a publisher evaluate the actual conduct of its site visitors. Adsense along with Google Analytics, you will be able to obtain useful information about user behavior that can help enhance ad profitability.

Adsense Referrers Report

It only takes a moment to take advantage of this tool. All you need to do is link your AdSense account to your Google Analytics account and you should be good to go.

Specifically today, we are featuring one of the most important Analytics reports that publishers should take advantage of the Adsense Referrers Report.

To go here, just click on Behavior Report panel > Adsense > Adsense Referrers

Using the AdSense Referrers Report, you’ll see website referrals that delivered visitors for your website, which in turn – contributed to your AdSense income. The chart below shows the actual daily complete AdSense income for your site – including the list of website referrals. Within the table, click on the website name to determine income metrics for each referral. You can also further look into referring sources/mediums.

What’s in it for publishers?

Through understanding your own best referrers, you’ll be able to get a clue as to what type of content visitors are looking in your site. Through this, you can further match and optimize your site’s content offerings.

Additionally, you will also be able to drill down on your most valid traffic sources, and invalid traffic source – which can help you prevent click fraud (invalid click activity). This saves your Adsense site or account from being disabled/suspended.

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