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A lot of publishers are raving about the new mobile ad banner released by Adsense: the 320×100 Large Mobile Banner ad unit. If you manage your ad inventory via DFP, this size automatically appears in your list of ad sizes:

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The 320×100 large banner mobile ad is a good fit for smartphones. Its size yields higher CTRs compared to the traditional 320×50. No need to worry about its large size causing mobile users to scroll through your site as Adsense offers responsive ad units. These ad units will adjust to your screen and website size.

The 320×100 ad unit has a good text fill, thus allowing for better CTRs.

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How does this impact publishers?

In a positive way! First, Google says this ad unit will get stronger performance at the end of the year. So if you’re seeing high CTRs by now, expect this to be better (or to continue, at least). This also offers more variety of content from advertisers – thus encouraging readers to stay on the viewable mobile page and interact with the ad. An additional/new ad unit allows for monetization opportunity and more ways to experiment optimization techniques.

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