Unit Has Faulty m2_overbid or Error while checking Key Value Pair. Here’s How To Fix It.

You are probably running an old version of PubGuru header bidding that doesn’t support m2_overbid tracking.

m2_overbid is a Key Value Pair that allows our technology to track bids that are over the bid cap set in Ad Manager. This provides information on revenue loss because someone else won the auction when the bid was over the cap. Once we have enough information, we will

  1. Tell you to raise the bid cap; or
  2. We will raise the bid cap for you


  1. Open your header bidding configuration
  2. Upgrade version to 0.20.5 or higher
  3. Save and publish
  4. Re-run PubGuru Ad Inspector (PGAI) after 10-15mins
  5. If the error persists, contact the Dev Team or reach out to support@monetizemore.com

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