Unit Got Nonzero Bid but Returned an Empty Line Item. Here’s How To Fix It.

Header bidding bids are coming in fine but Ad Manager is returning an empty line item.


Step 1: Fix all other errors found in PubGuru Ad Inspector (PGAI) and re-test

Step 2: Append the URL with ?googfc to run the Google console.

Step 3: Check for any tagging errors on ‘Page Request’ tab. Ideally, it should say ‘Page tagged correctly!’ similar to the below screenshot.

page request

Step 4: Run a report on DFP, dimensions: Ad Unit > Orders. This allows you to check that all Orders are active and serving. If anything is missing, check the Order status under ‘Delivery > Orders’. Make sure they are ‘Ready’ or ‘Delivering’.

line items

Step 5: Check the status of the Line items as well as Order as it could appear ‘Delivering’, but the Line Items under it actually ‘Needs Creatives’.

line item status

Step 6: Check targeting within the Line Items if correct.

select criteria inventory

Step 7: Audit your header bidding configuration:

  1. Correct Network ID configured per ad unit
  2. Slot field should be your Ad Manager ad unit code
  3. Correct bidder parameters
  4. Correct ad sizes

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