Twitter Introduces Social Ads for Publishers: A New Revenue Stream

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Last updated: September 24, 2019 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on September 24th, 2019

TwitterGood news to publishers! Twitter is launching a new feature that will push for a revenue-share scheme between the company and interested publishers.

They will be enabling ads to display on Twitter streams that appear on publisher sites and apps. The revenue generated, as mentioned, will be split between Twitter and publishers.

What’s in it for publishers?

Having streams of tweets appear on a site or app boost social participation. The revenue from the ‘social ads’ is an added plus! Can you imagine Adsense running on an ever-updating stream of live tweets?

Awesome, isn’t it?

This great news was introduced at the recent Consumer Electronics Show where big brands were mentioned to be interested like ESPN and Flipboard. Official deals have yet to be announced.

It is known that Twitter is the undisputed platform when it comes to real-time social media. Facebook has made steps towards more real-time activity with the use of hashtags and videos but Twitter remains the go-to place when you want to check, for instance, the latest weather update, or sports game scores.

Another in the pipeline: Ads on videos that auto-play

In a few months, Twitter will roll out its new feature on their video content. Videos will start to auto-play for 6 seconds along with ads. Users have the option to click and play the video in full, as well. Related videos come out after playing so users can stay engaged while creating the opportunity to have more videos watched in a single session.

The rev-share monetization strategy of Twitter will be beneficial to them and publishers, as Twitter is expected to eat a larger portion of the pie competing against Facebook and Youtube.

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