Top 5 Must-Do’s for Publishers 2017

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Last updated: September 20, 2019 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on September 20th, 2019

There are a lot of changes happening this 2017 and it’s a great time to tweak to get better results. Here’s our list straight from our Ad Ops experts on what you must be doing this 2017:

1) Google Ads per page limit lifted

On August 2016, Google released an announcement lifting the ads per page limit for all AdSense and AdX display ads that publishers can use. The only rule of thumb Google highlighted is that the ads should NOT be more than the actual page content and should be proportional to the actual content on the page.

This is great news if you have big white spaces available because you have long form content on your site. This is the perfect time to test out another ad unit or two.

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2) Run Flex Sizes to take advantage of free DFP

Google offers an ad server for free and it’s time you take advantage of it if you haven’t yet.

DoubleClick for Publishers is perfect to traffic multiple different sizes in one ad slot so you can set up a pricing auction for these different sizes to pump up competition and increase publisher revenue.

3) Viewability – Active Viewable %

One of the most important metrics in determining the effectivity of an ad is Active View. Viewability is measured in 2 different ways 1) how much % of the ad was seen and 2) how long was that ad seen. These 2 dictates whether that said eyeball is valuable or not.

So, look at the placements you have, check your Active View % and move the ads around to test the best possible placements where you can get the most from.

4) Say goodbye to the Waterfall Passback set up

Gone are the days where there was just layers and layers of passback that were set to make the most of each impression. Whoever said it was easy was crazy!

The waterfall passback setup is complicated and tedious to track, a daily audit is necessary and you can’t just do it. But most importantly, the waterfall passback means you will be losing tons of impressions as the impressions goes through each layer of the waterfall and worse is the amount of time takes with the turn over from one server to another until the creative is served.

It’s time to finally close that chapter and say hello to the newest technology in the advertising industry!

5) Header Bidding solution

Perfect segue, right?

The header bidding technology we’re sure you’ve heard of has already taken the whole advertising industry by storm. The buy side has been trying to keep up, ad networks are facing that point where they just have to jump in the bandwagon or fade away. And header bidding is just going to get bigger.

MonetizeMore offers a unified solution where publishers can get access to our header bid partners. It means you can instantly get access to premium demands from different Header Bid vendors once qualified.

This does not only help you revamp your whole waterfall passback to a 100% fill Ad stack!

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There it is for our Top 5 Must-Do’s for 2017. Looking to have someone do all of these for you and more? Sign up as our premium publisher.

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