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As a publisher, you need to know which ad partners are right for your vertical, as each niche website performs differently compared to others. The gaming niche is no exception. In this blog post, we’re going to help identify the best game advertising networks for 2022 so that you can maximize your ad revenues!

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1. Ad Exchange (now part of Google Ad Manager)

Ad Exchange

Google Ad Exchange continues to be at the top of the list for virtually every vertical and gaming is no exception. The network’s reach, ad fill rate and CPM’s are second to none. Google Ad Exchange (now part of Google Ad Manager) can provide you with increased advertiser demand, higher CPMS, and much more flexibility and control.

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2. The Rubicon Project

The Rubicon Project

With The Rubicon Project, you can get access to premium advertisers through their marketplace connected to multiple DSPs and 1000s of advertisers. Rubicon’s RTB technology helps you maximize your ad revenue from each ad impression you receive.

You can also gain access to more advanced controls and functionalities such as PMP deals, header bidding as well as server-to-server bidding.

Visit The Rubicon Project website here.


3. Select Media

Select Media

Select Media provides full site monetization to gaming site publishers and many other verticals through their video ads, header bidding solution, and programmatic RTB platform. Monetize your mobile and video content with their video SSP technology and premium marketplace.

With their programmatic platform, you can get access to premium ad inventory for both video and display ads at a large scale which is also filtered for fraud.

Visit the Select Media website here.


4. Venatus


If you have a gaming website with a decent amount of UK traffic, Venatus Media is worth testing out. They have a 100% fill rate in the UK and offer excellent CPM’s. They can run in other countries as well, but from our experience, their most attractive offers are focused on UK traffic.

Visit the Venatus Media website here.


5. Playwire (formerly Intergi)


Playwire does not fill 100% but offers excellent video and standard size ads with high CPM’s.  They are very responsive and exclusively work with gaming sites. Some of the gaming publishers they work with include Zynga, Roblox & Softonic and more.

Visit the Playwire website here.


6. Fanbyte


Fanbyte is a publisher first ad network as they also run a range of premium gaming sites. This gives them experience working with major advertising brands. Their network consists of over 35 million monthly active users and 300 million page views.

They are also part of Chinese based company Tencent, which is a Fortune 500 company. When working with Fanbyte publishers can expect a good revenue share of 80/20 for programmatic and direct campaigns.

Visit the Fanbyte website here.


7. Gamesiteads


Gamesiteads helps gaming publishers to monetize their website and mobile app traffic. Through this ad network, you’ll get access to relevant and gaming related ads which will undoubtedly result in higher CTR and ad revenues.

Their ads can be integrated into gaming communities and forums, and they offer a wide range of ad formats.

Visit the Gamesiteads website here.


8. CPM Star


CPMStar is another ad network focused almost entirely on the gaming vertical. They serve gaming-related ads with appealing graphics containing some of the most popular games in the world.

Your users will find the ads relevant and not intrusive which will result in higher ad revenues. They also use their ad server and continuously work to optimize ad revenue for publishers.

Visit the CPM Star website here.


9. Network-N

network n logo

Network-N helps publishers generate ad revenue with high-value ads. They handpick publishers and help them sell premium gaming-focused advertising to a range of gaming and movie clients.

They advise publishers on ad placement, run their own programmatic stack, and integrate with header bidding setups. User experience is also very important to them as they avoid running intrusive, irrelevant, and aggressive ads and ad types.

Visit the Network-N website here.


10. Ad4game

ad4game logo

Ad4game enables publishers to run a variety of different ad types for desktop-focused on gaming. They help optimize ad performance by automatically choosing the best ads per country and other factors.

Some of the ad types available include footer ads, site skins, editorials, gaming pop-unders as well as IAB banner ads and pre-roll video ads.

Publishers can receive instant payouts on the Ad4Game prepaid Mastercard. They also use real-time fraud detection tools to ensure brand safety and prevent cloaking.

Visit the Ad4Game website here.


11. PWN Games

PWN Games logo

The PWN Games ad network offers top gaming offers to publishers from international campaigns. They focus on a CPL model and enable publishers to promote worldwide campaigns from over 120 countries and some of the biggest games.

Additionally, they pay high rates for traffic that converts well with their offers while offering great service to publishers.

Visit the PWN Games website here.



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