Tips in Optimizing Mobile Ads in DFP Small Business

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There is no doubt that digital advertising is one of the industries that will go together with the fluid increase of mobile platform use. Good thing DFP, the most popular ad server, supports mobile formats for publishers to specifically run their mobile inventories and to even trickle down their targeting. This has allowed publishers to earn the highest CPMs possible. With this capability, let me give you some tips on optimizing mobile ads with the use of DFP Small Business.

1) Choose Ad networks / Mobile ad networks

Search ad networks that offer good flat CPM rates. In addition, it is better at times to search ad networks that specialize in mobile ads and offer flat CPMs. All you need to do is a little research. This is kind of a ‘set it and forget it’ thing. It’s of course still worth observing and monitoring.

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2) Fix the fill rates

Unlike the standard ad units, mobile ads do not run a 100% fill. Working on your fill rate is necessary to bring you close to fill as possible and this is done by setting up several ad networks to run those mobile ads.

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3) Be familiar with your mobile traffic and run mobile campaigns

Once in awhile, ad networks run mobile campaigns on specific geographies only. There are times that these campaigns are at a higher rate than what you’re currently running. Run these campaigns together with the regular mobile ads that you run with them or other ad networks. This is done by utilizing the custom targeting via DFP.

Quick tip: Some would let you guarantee them an ‘x’ volume of traffic but some won’t. Better to negotiate with your ad rep. Let them know how much traffic you can run by not guaranteeing them anything.

4) Native ads under Sponsorship

Try this emerging ad unit. They seem like a part of the site content and that they look natural. If you think your traffic can support this kind of set up, set them up by selling a percentage of all impressions in the highest priority of delivery. This is worth the CPM and revenue that you’ll get.

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Optimization is a game of experimentation. Constant monitoring of performance is also a must. Whether you leave some set up as is and the others closely watched, either of these techniques will work as long as you see your numbers are being tracked and is improving. MonetizeMore is an industry-expert in ad optimization. If you want to outsource your mobile ad optimization via DFP to us, contact us here. You can also sign-up for FREE to Doubleclick AdExchange – the best version of Adsense.

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