5 Tips to help you choose the best Supply-Side Platform

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Last updated: August 13, 2020 | by Kean Graham
5 Tips to help you choose the best Supply-Side Platform

This post was most recently updated on August 13th, 2020

The Ad Tech industry has been growing at a fast pace and is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Publishers used to have a relatively simple approach towards programmatically selling their ad inventory. However, the process has evolved, and now they have to consider several factors when it comes to getting maximum output from their inventories.

Their focus should not only be at higher rates since that could affect the user experience of the site, but they might also make their entire person looking at notes on a wallinventory available in the stack.

Publishers often test different platforms to get the best rates and maximum output from their ad inventory. However, testing, finding and implementing the best solution for one’s inventory can be a tiresome and complicated procedure that needs a lot of human resources and time allocation.

Therefore, publishers often choose to focus on one unified platform such as a Supply Side Platform to simplify implementation. However, the presence of multiple Supply Side Platforms in the market makes it hard to decide which one fits your publishing business best. Here are some crucial tips to help you choose the best SSP:

#1: First and foremost, Supply Side Platforms are primarily technology companies that build and own their platform assets. In this enormous market, which includes a lot of big players and regulations from Google, Facebook, and others, so publishers should never just settle for anything. It is vital that publishers choose a platform whose focus is on real-time statistics as the granular, near to accurate and updated real-time figures are the basis of every right decision in the ad tech industry.

#2: The demand fluctuates very often, and publishers keep getting different offers from different Ad Networks or Ad Agencies. Hence the notesSSP (Supply Side Platform) must have an ad server that is designed for easy integration of new demand side platforms in mind. The SSP must also be searching for new high-quality demand sources and have the ability to quickly plug and play their tags on the publisher’s site without wasting valuable time.

#3: It is also essential that the SSP has the technology implemented within their systems that ensure brand safety. Brand safety has become a big issue for publishers recently and those SSPs which are integrated with brand safety tools in the market, like, TheMediaTrust, Forensic, and DoubleVerify, would be able to protect both their Publishers and their demand sources from malicious threats. Also, the SSP should be integrated with frameworks that allow publishers to calculate viewability rates of their ad placements as it would enable them to optimize their inventory more efficiently.

#4: The publisher should choose an SSP that provides a simple implementation process. One that does not require the publisher to hire a development team for the implementation purposes is highly beneficial. If the application is complicated or they do not provide the publisher with a detail-oriented standard operation procedure for the use and a support channel to entertain any implementation queries, then it would not add many benefits to the publisher.

#5: Last but not least, the SSP must provide a fast and reliable Header Bidding Solution that is integrated with their tags. Header Bidding is the latest trend within the Ad Tech industry, but it is continuously growing. There are a lot of developments, and new features are added to it every single day. It enables the publishers to sell their inventory on per impression basis at the highest level, and it can add a lot of potential value to the existing publishers’ revenues.

However, the publisher must keep in mind that the Header Bidding solution being offered is not a simple stock setup. It must bear a lot of features and make sure not to impact the page load speed of their sites. Be sure to check out MonetizeMore’s PubGuru header bidding solution that includes minimal management and top performance.

For more information about choosing a Supply Side Platform or tips on how to maximize the revenues for your ad inventories book your free consultation today!

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