Simple Strategies For Publishers To Combat Ad Blockers

Simple Strategies For Publishers To Combat Ad Blockers

Ad blockers remain a problem for publishers monetizing content with ads. However, there are a few tactics publishers can use to combat the use thereof and regain lost revenue. Find out more about these tactics in this week’s MonetizeMore social video.

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Adblocking reduces publisher advertising revenue between 3-20% with almost 30 million US users running the software to date.

Big companies like Facebook find ways to beat ad blockers and still display their ads.

For small or even premium publishers, a lack of resources and access to 24/7 expert developers makes it hard to do the same.

Not all publishers are to blame for the ad blocker problem.

Due to some publishers utilizing annoying and often abusive techniques, users have become wary and increasingly prone to adblocker usage.

Besides complying with the Better Ad Standards, there are some strategies publishers can use to regain ad block user trust and with that their income.

It goes without saying that these strategies are not set in stone, and different approaches need testing before concluding which works best.

Ask your visitors nicely

Inform your website visitors that you noticed they are using an ad blocker. Explain to them in a friendly and straightforward tone of voice that you utilize ads to support the website.

Ask them to disable the ad blocker or whitelist your website.

If they do not comply with your request, you still end up showing them your content.

Being a bit more serious

Here, a similar approach is taken as mentioned above.

However, instead of allowing visitors to continue viewing content even if they do not disable or whitelist your site, you block them in return.

This option can be hard to implement unless you have high perceived content value.

Most often it can result in a negative effect on traffic, revenue or even your brand.

Whitelist rates tend to hover around 10-15%.

Giving in and paying the ransom

Many ad blocking firms allow publishers to pay a specific fee for them to show their ads.

Their ads still need to comply with the Better Ads Standards.

This strategy does feel like being blackmailed, and most publishers will refuse to pay the ransom.

Evolving your ad serving approach

Instead of trying to find ways around the ad blocking issue, publishers can take a different approach and adopt a quality driven ad experience for users.

Studies show that visitor user experience is not negatively affected by this approach.

Partner with anti-adblocking companies

Companies such as Admiral, Instart Logic, PageFair, and Uponit provide anti-ad blocking services to publishers to help recover lost revenue.

They achieve this by creating top advertising experiences that are non-intrusive and meet the Coalition For Better Ads standards.

Some publishers have seen an increase of 5-15% after partnering with these companies.


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