The Story of Header Bidding

Header Bidding
Last updated: September 19, 2019 | by Kean Graham
The Story of Header Bidding - a Fable

This post was most recently updated on September 19th, 2019

Once upon a time, there was a grand forest called “header bidding”. Header bidding forest was where all the animals lived in a fair and just community where they distributed food based on who would pay the most tree dollars. One day, a delicious dessert from Australia called “Ad Impression” was offered to one lucky animal of the header bidding forest, however, if that animal offered the most tree dollars for that dessert, they would have to venture to the even bigger “DFP” forest where the great “DoubleClick” Owl would decide who would be granted the Australian dessert.

“Sovrn” Bear loves desserts so he bid 2 tree dollars. “Index Exchange” Duck was more into savory foods so she only bid half a tree dollar. “Yieldbot” Beaver is a straight shooter and always bids 1 tree dollar for every food that he thought was delicious. Finally, “OpenX” Moose had the biggest appetite for international desserts so he bid the highest of 3 tree dollars. “Appnexus” Elk was a bit slow, so she was not able to submit a bid for the dessert. To OpenX Moose’s delight, he bid the most tree dollars and was off to DFP forest to hopefully win one of his most favorite desserts.

OpenX Moose was a little bit scared because DFP forest was a much bigger forest than header bidding forest with more hungry animals and tree dollars. OpenX Moose was greeted by DoubleClick Owl and the auction for the Australian dessert called Ad Impression began. “Tribal Fusion” Wolf started the bidding immediately with 2 tree dollars. “Mode Media” Swan loved desserts but only tried the domestic ones so she only bid 1.5 tree dollars. OpenX Moose was excited, however, the biggest and most powerful animal was left to bid and OpenX Moose knew that “Google” Gorilla ate the most food of the whole animal kingdom. Google Gorilla yelled with his thunderous voice, “5 tree dollars!” DoubleClick Owl responded, “Then it’s settled, the Ad Impression dessert goes to Google Gorilla.”

OpenX Moose was heartbroken as he walked back to Header Bidding forest. However, he cheered up immediately as he remembered that there will be many more international desserts to bid for and other exciting new food every day.

The End

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