Spotify & Schibsted Raise Complaints Against Apple

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Last updated: July 16, 2019 | by Kean Graham
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This post was most recently updated on July 16th, 2019

Recently, Nordic publisher Schibsted came out in support of Spotify’s stance against Apple’s abusive dominance in the market. Find out why Schibsted is against Apple exactly and what are the main complaints publishers have against the technology company in our latest video!

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Video transcription

Nordic publisher Schibsted joined Spotify in allegations against Apple’s abusive dominance of the app market.

According to Schibsted, Apple is a threat to free journalism.

Ad monetized businesses have suffered while Facebook, Google, and Apple take more of the digital advertising market.

Subscription publishers are also taking a hit as Apple takes a cut of their revenue and limits data-sharing.

In Sweden, iPhone’s make up 48% of the market, and many Schibsted readers use Apple products.

They claim that Apple has some form of control between readers and publishers.

They’ve argued that: “Apple is acting as a whimsical feudal lord who either doesn’t understand — or simply doesn’t care — what its actions are impacting.”

The most common complaints publishers have with Apple include:

The 15-30% revenue cut for subscriptions

Retaining customer data from sign-ups which means publishers can’t target readers.

Functionalities getting approved by Apple, but later end up rejected for reasons unknown.

Most platforms only act in their interests and not of publishers which leads to limited growth.

In March, many publishers supported Spotify’s EU competition claim against Apple.

Publishers like The Guardian have even decided to remove all their content from platforms altogether.

Claims from Spotify and Schibsted were directed at the Apple app store and news app.

Still, the potential to reach millions of users through Apple products have turned some publishers into huge brands.


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