We’re seeing a spike in your eCPM. Follow these steps to help troubleshoot the issue.

Step 1: Ask yourself -Are you expecting a spike in eCPM from a recent optimization strategy you rolled out?

Step 2: Find out if this is a reporting error. If something doesn’t seem right, please reach out to our support team to verify the eCPM spike. Chances are, they probably added a new demand source or campaign.

Step 3: Check discrepancy reports – does anything stand out (e.g. abnormal revenue or impression discrepancy)? Make sure your comparison with DFP syncs up with your ad network reports.

Step 3.1: Verify the PubGuru reporting as net vs gross. Ad networks reporting in gross should be converted to net.

AOL revenue

Step 3.2: Ad networks reporting in a different currency should be converted to USD.


Step 4: Check CPM rates for Managed Demand line items to ensure they are not inflated. Adjust them accordingly by calculating the true CPM[ (UI revenue/DFP impressions)*1000 ].

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