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MonetizeMore vs Sortable Header Bidding Case Study

Learn how MonetizeMore's combination of header bidding and publisher ad operations techniques went head to head in a direct traffic monetization test and won against a leading competitor.

Sortable vs MonetizeMore Case Study

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See how MonetizeMore outperforms the competition.

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We partner with you to define the right publisher monetization strategy for your most valuable asset - your audience.

What sets MonetizeMore apart from the competition is our continued investment in publisher software through our PubGuru header bidding platform and sophisticated yield management techniques that increase competition for your inventory bringing in higher eCPMs for your audience.

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Avoid the dreaded ad tax. What sets MonetizeMore apart in the AdTech industry is we're demand agnostic and only focus on providing value for the publisher side of the house. This aligns us with your long term programmatic revenue goals and gives you the transparency you desperately need in your ad supply chain.

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Through our many years of experience in revenue yield optimization we have a sophisticated set of techniques to continually experiment with your ad inventory to ensure you are getting the strongest return every day. Working with DoubleClick for Publishers and our PubGuru ad operations platform to adjust for revenue discrepancy, test different ad units, recommend different page layouts, set bid floors, etc.

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See the benefits of PubGuru Header Bidding

Streamline your ad operations

Make your journey to header bidding headache-free with PubGuru's intuitive interface.

Increased Demand

Increase your revenue with different demand partners

Auction Dynamics

Use our auction dynamics to test different bidder combinations.

Pricing Floors

Set pricing floors on your header bidding auctions aided by our machine learning algorithms.

Bid Scaling

Monitor ad revenue discrepancy and apply bid scaling to ensure you earn more ad revenue from your partners.

Multivariate Testing

Build a testing practice to find the best possible bidder combination for your inventory.

Bidder Dropout

Monitor demand partner latency and remove demand partners who don't submit a bid in time.