Reduce your monthly revenue clawbacks caused by invalid traffic

Traffic Cop acts as a gate-keeper for your site's incoming traffic. By showing ads to only valid traffic, your ad revenue can avoid being deducted and also, your ad account will less likely be suspended by your advertising partners due to invalid traffic.

How Traffic Cop works

What can Traffic Cop protect you from?

Sophisticated Invalid Traffic

  • Bots or scrapers masquerading as legitimate users.
  • Hijacked devices, hijacked sessions within hijacked
  • Devices, hijacked ad tags and hijacked creative.
  • Hidden, stacked, covered, or otherwise intentionally.
  • Targeted click bot attacksInvalid proxy traffic.
  • Adware and malware, Incentivized manipulation of measurements. Misappropriated content and falsely represented sites or impressions.
  • Cookie stuffing, recycling or harvesting.
  • Manipulation or falsification of location data.

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General Invalid Traffic

  • Non-human traffic filtering,
  • Non-browser user agents.
  • Pre-fetch or Pre-render traffic.
  • Search engine spiders or crawlers.

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Real Time Analysis

Get real-time analysis

Traffic Cop utilizes machine-learning and finger-printing algorithms to detect and score the risk of incoming traffic 24/7. The data is pushed to your dashboard in real-time and the system will send an alert if abnormal activities are found on your site.

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Reveal insightful metrics

Reveal insightful metrics

Measure invalid traffic via important metrics to take necessary actions for tightening protection on your ad inventory.

  • Traffic Type
  • Geo Location
  • URLs, UTMs, and Devices
  • Policy Violation
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Stop spam & abusive clicks

Being banned by ad networks like Google AdSense is a nightmare for publishers and Traffic Cop is built to prevent that. The algorithm can predict the likelihood of spams, click farms and abusive clicks on your website’s ads. This is to ensure the clicks on your ads are genuine and comply with ad partners’ policies.

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Traffic Cop is protecting 373 publishers and counting

It brought us peace of mind, as we received excellent feedback from Google after, and they also implemented an advanced setup to improve site earnings, with excellent short-term results and great future expectations.

Ricardo Barth, Owner & Founder of

Implementing Traffic Cop filtered and blocked all forms of bot traffic on BLURBMEDIA-owned sites, minimizing ad revenue deductions & significant improvement in ad RPMs.

Blurbmedia Inc,

Packed with world-class technology


Sophisticated Invalid Traffic Detection

Improved detection for fraudulent clicks, users, and transactions. Enhance your scoring with access to data feeds of verified fraudsters, abusive users, & cybercriminals.

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Device Finger-Printing

Track users with unique device IDs to prevent duplicate accounts and abuse. We use 100+ finger-printing techniques executed via machine learning to determine the probability a user is a bot.

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Emerging Botnet

Identify malicious botnets and the most sophisticated fraud online. Detect residential botnets and personal connections allowing IP address tunneling for bad actors.

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Custom Rules

Amount of custom behavior rules such as personal allow-list and block-list entries available for your account. Create custom rules to prevent repeat offenders and other problematic users.

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IP Whitelist

IP addresses on this list will be exempt from protection measures like anti-bot captchas and honeypotting.

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IP Blacklist

Create your own list of IP addresses to regard as a Block list basis your business desires

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99.97% Uptime SLA

A load-balanced server architecture reliably supports high-volume traffic and uptime.

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Enterprise Support

Fast replies from our Support Team - 7 days per week.

Dedicated Ad Op Teams

Our Ad Optimization Experts will help to deploy Traffic Cop onto your website in minutes with best practices.

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Data Retention

Up to 90 days of traffic quality data are available.

Flexible Pricing

All plans include all features listed above

For < 1M Pageviews/month
Protect my Ad Inventory
For 1-5M Pageviews/month
Protect my Ad Inventory
Contact for pricing
For > 5M Pageviews/month
Protect my Ad Inventory

GDPR and CCPA compliance

Traffic Cop fully complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to protect your data and privacy.

Frequent Asked Questions

What are the requirements to be eligible for Traffic Cop?

Publishers only need to be running ads on their site to be eligible to get Traffic Cop.

Can I upgrade/downgrade plans?

There’s no need to upgrade or downgrade your plan manually since you will be charged based on the monthly volume of pageviews handled by Traffic Cop. Your plan shall be adjusted automatically to fit your need.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel whenever you want. Also, you are still able to use Traffic Cop’s features and data until the end of your billing cycle. Please note that refunds are not provided.

Do you require a lock-in contract for Traffic Cop subscriptions?

No, MonetizeMore never comes with lock-in contracts.

Do you require access to my website and other accounts (Google Analytics, AdSense, etc.) for Traffic Cop to work?

We don’t require access to the publisher’s Google AdSense and google analytics accounts for integrating Traffic Cop.

Will Traffic Cop block bots from Google and affect my site ranking?

Not at all. We just simply block the invalid traffic from seeing your ad inventory to prevent invalid clicks from happening. Furthermore, we keep our list of search engine crawler IPs updated to make sure not to interfere with their businesses.

Can Traffic Cop help in removing the AdSense ad serving limitation placed on my site?

It can definitely help but it’s completely dependent on the reason why your site has an ad limit penalty. If it’s due to invalid traffic, Traffic Cop helps protect your account by preventing ads from serving on nefarious actors. If it’s due to ad setup violations, the Traffic Cop reporting suite can provide guidance on stopping click fraud for good.


I’m using third-party ads that are not from MonetizeMore. Can I use Traffic Cop?

Yes, Once you’ve created an account you’ll receive customized instructions to implement tags.


What types of Invalid Traffic can Traffic Cop protect me from?

SIVT, GIVT, and click fraud that causes AdSense bans.

Is Traffic Cop support available 24/7?

Yes, our support team operates globally and is available 24/7 for our customers.