Google Ad Exchange

As a Trusted Google Partner, we give you access to the premium version of AdSense, Doubleclick Ad Exchange.

Upgrade to Doubleclick Ad Exchange

DoubleClick Ad Exchange was designed for big brand advertisers and premium publishers. It is the most consolidated source of demand from across the online ad purchasing market. MonetizeMore gives you access to DoubleClick Ad Exchange when you partner with us to manage your advertising inventory. Below are the reasons why Google AdX performs better than any other demand source:

Programmatic Exchange

Get access to demand across many ad networks and demand-side platforms.

Avoid Channel Conflict

Avoid cannibalizing your premium sales by running anonymous ad tags to prevent premium advertisers from buying your ad impressions for cheaper.

More Ad Optimization Tools

We utilize additional tools to further increase your RPM performance.

Fast Payments

Receive quick monthly payments anywhere in the world via wire, PayPal or Hyperwallet.

Link up your Google Analytics account

MonetizeMore can set this up for you to help you make data-driven business decisions based on ad and website performance.

Advanced Targeting Technology

Sophisticated targeting technology that results in more engaging ads.

Google Policy Consultation

We give you customized advice how to become Google compliant.
Google Ad Exchange is the only ad exchange that offers real-time access to major demand sources, plus all the demand of Google AdSense. That, coupled with more complex targeting technology leads to better performance. We utilize the additional optimization tools on a 24/7 basis to maximize your ad revenues. Check out more features and pricing about our Ad Exchange Plan here.
“MonetizeMore has now become our main monetization partner. After they helped us with Google AdX we saw an average increase of revenue around 25%. Their fees are extremely fair and transparent, leaving us 100% technical control over the website and our DNS. Their 24hr support is extremely responsive and the payments are always on time.”



What is Google's AdX?

Google’s Ad Exchange or AdX, now part of Google Ad Manager, is designed for big brand advertisers and premium publishers. Joining AdX gives publishers the ability to access advertisers that are used to paying high CPM (AKA. Ad RPM) rates for ad impressions. Publishers can get access to Google Ad Exchange premium demand by signing up with MonetizeMore via this page.

Is Google an ad exchange?

Google is a multi-faceted company that owns and operates many businesses. Google owns and operates an ad exchange called the Google Ad Exchange, which is now part of Google Ad Manager. You can join their ad exchange by signing up through a partner such as MonetizeMore or, if you’re a publisher that gets 100Ms of pageviews per month, getting an invite from Google.

How do I sign up for Ad Exchange?

To sign up for Google Ad Exchange you can get access to all demand AdSense demand plus premium advertiser demand. You can sign up to Ad Exchange through a partner such as MonetizeMore (Via this page) or by getting an invite from Google. Google only directly invites publishers with 100Ms of pageviews per month. If you haven’t already received an invite, then you’ll only be able to get access via a partner.